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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So as it is.. I'm done. Anyone wanna suggest a really good anime series that I 'should' watch? Just leave a comment with your recommendation and 'why' you would recommend it.

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MONONOKE. because it is cracktastic. It's got historical value, crazy patterned art style, extreme surrealism and this guy.

It's also low commitment, there's only 13 episodes. It's the creepiest thing you'll ever watch colored entirely in pastels.

Wasn't it done by the same studio as Gankutsuou? That would explain the massive WIN of the art.

Oh Gankutsuou is made of win and awesome. *heart*

I have no idea, but that would certainly explain alot!

Seconded for Mononoke. It's quite awesome, and not just visually.

I think I might take you guys up on that one.. it sounds really interesting. >.>

Serial Experiments LAIN- cyberpunk, gorgeous, and makes you think.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex- Mystery, Virtual crime, intrique, cyborgs! And the music blows me away (YOKO KANNO!!!).

Both deal a lot with the cyber world and technology, and raises a lot of questions on what it means to be human. Or... something like that. I'm no good with summaries.

I also heard that Paranoia Agent was a good one- a weird psychological type. I haven't seen, though.

Claymore. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen [and the artwork isn't hyper-chibi-cute, it's more realistic]. The character dynamics are excellent, the fight scenes are very vivid and catch your attention, and the storyline is a plus. Slight hints of shoujo-ai all over the place as well, albeit the ending is a little weak and strays from the manga, but if you haven't seen it, it's worth a shot.

Claymore was great, I recommend this show to anyone.

I think that I may probably give it a try. I know I like the non-chibi cute ones too.. so yes, I think I will! Thanks Chelsie!~

The shows that I have been watching lately are Samurai 7 and GetBackers. I don;t know if you have seen them.

Samurai 7 is based on Aika Kurosawa's book "The Seven Samurai" and that was the book for which The Magnificent Seven is based on.

GetBackers have some elements that you may like. But I don't know if you have seen it.

Yes I have! And I happen to LOVE getbackers. (Akabane for the win!)

Akabane was impressive. I could not find a big hat to dress as Akabane for this halloween. Shame on me.

Oh wow, if you had gone as Akabane, I would of SO demanded pictures of you!

I ended up going as Jigen of Lupin III, and I liked it ( I really felt famous, and some people really liked it) but Akabane is more impressive.

Cromartie High. It is crack and hilarious. 26 fifteen minute episodes. I nabbed the boxset at a con for $35.

You know, I've heard alot about that series. I actually sort of went out with a girl who thought it was hilarious >.>

It is really good, though. It's so ridiculous...How can you not love a random gorilla and a silent Freddie Mercury look-alike who comes in with Queen-esque guitar chords.

Kaleido Star. I shall cite numerous reasons:

2. It's directed by the guy behind a lot of Sailor Moon (Junichi Sato)
3. It's a combo of shoujo and shounen genre (in that it's shoujo because it's about a ton of young girls and it's shounen in that all the girl characters are gay for each other the girls train to get better. Or something. I DON'T KNOW XD)
4. Koyasu Takehito plays a perverted clown stage spirit.
5. The girls are HOT (I swear there's a 13-year-old that turns me into a total pedo T.T)
6. The boys are delicious and in most cases sekritly EVIL.
7. It's literally about a girl "running away" and joining the circus (it's a CIRCUS ANIME! HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME!?)
8. Did I mention that all the girl characters are gay for each other? *scratches head*
9. It is seriously addictive (seriously, if you start watching, it's worse than crack. You will die without the rest of it :D)

I'd also recommend Princess Tutu, but I can't remember if you've watched that yet or not XD

I have to third Mononoke because my friend loves it (mostly because the main character is played by Sakurai...she's a whore for Sakurai, ahem) and the art she's shown me is gorgeous, and Gundam 00. It's looking to be very good, and apparently it's directed by the guy who did FMA? I haven't seen very much of FMA but the storyline for 00 so far is very streamlined, very easy to follow.

That's all from me^^;

I thought that was Kouga Yun? *blinks* Maybe I am wrong.. probably.

Nah, I think Kouga only did the character designs, none of the directing. (And the characters look good. Although there's one that looks like he could be Larsa's brother. Rly.)

My icon right now is Lockon from 00, hee.

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