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I have decided that to get any sort of benefit from the time change, you have to have -not- set your clock back to reflect the changes, because I woke up at 8:45 well rested and found out that it was 7:45. It was a strange sort of triumph and I realize that I have the entire day ahead of me to do cleaning, laundry and of course play more of my sims. (I made Taishakuten and Ashura-ou. Ashura-ou as a Scorpio and Taisha as a Taurus.. to see how it played out.. Taurus because come on... Taisha NEVER leaves his palace. Kendappa leaves the palace more then he does)

I still need to catch up on Tsubasa however I heard there is some good Seishirou action going on, and yay Fuuma is there too. I'm enough of an old school clamp fan to always cheer when Seishirou comes on screen.

I am also inclined to upload the daily download today, I just forgot. My ex-husband was visiting for Halloween so I had to show him a good time which involved alot of drinking on both of our parts. Hence my weeklong neglect -_-

Oh yes, am going to be planning out the Umeda Hokuto Journal Profile revamp.. so as of today, that is going to be in the works.
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