Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Kisame/Itachi FTW~

It is really funny how you find new favorite pairings, seriously. I gained a new OTP today, and quite by accident.. it all involved a conversation over the breakfast involving Itachi, and then shuufish said something about how the only person she could pair up Itachi with was his shark-buddy. Then the crack just flowed, and suddenly now we have Itachi and Kisame muses and they are just so BADASS. I ended up downloading a crapload of fanart (my challenge is still trying to find a picture of Itachi topping Kisame) and just reveling in the crack.

The conversation about shark-dick was also pretty stellar as well ♥

Other fun things of note this weekend.

1.) Todd's birthday was celebrated with pomp and circumstance at Applebees. Which reminds me, their apple sangria is GOOD.
2.) Jakob and Jeriah are officially married and off on their honeymoon.
3.) Seishirou hung around in a fig leaf and traumatized poor Subaru.
4.) Akiha and Umeda had a 'moment'
5.) Clow is incorrigible per usual.

All in all a fun weekend on the muse front.
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