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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Hmmm.. out of GJ land really quickly to post. I would just like to say that we all make decisions, we all must accept responsibility for those decisions, and when I do something, I take into account and accept the fact that whatever happens in regards is something that I cannot cry spilled milk over. What I did yesterday, I did because I felt like I had to, I felt like I couldn't support such behavior on my friend's list.. and I stand by that. I made that decision, and in response people made other decisions based on that. That is how life works, it is a constant cause and affect.

I do not hold any bitterness whatsoever, I realize that my ex-souer made that decision, and I've always been a firm advocae of 'doing what is best for oneself'. So that is my take on it, The Rosa Omeiensis is currently a lone bush now, and that's alright. Perhaps other bushes will grow on it, perhaps not. It's way too soon to say. But I do wish her all the best, hopefully she finds another bush that is right for her or perhaps she creates one of her own. Who can say. I hold absolutely no hard feelings to Chelsie, after all she was my darling younger soeur for the longest time... and your first always holds a special place in your heart.

And so because I am here for a brief moment in LJ land (before I trot back to GJ), how is everyone doing today?

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I'm okay :) Don't know each other well but I figured I would comment anyway. I haven't had a chance to check my GJ in weeks, but maybe I'll head that way some time soon.

How are you?

I'm good.. not great but good. And yes I find it hard to distribute my posts between both here and there so that is why I end up moving.

I'm good! Missing your flamboyant entries on LJ. Heh.

Ahahah flamboyant, you make me feel fabulous.

As you should feel. :)

Guh, I'm awful with GJ XD;; "I'll update every day! *forgets*"

I AM CURRENTLY VERY SLEEP DEPRIVED, BUT RIGHT NOW I'M AWAKE SO IT'S OKAY. As long as I can survive another few hours I can then sleep and hopefully sleep like twelve hours or something. All week I've been trying to go to bed early and wake up decently and all of this, but I end up sleeping three hours or sleeping through the day and lskafsdlk

I can't keep doing this, university starts back next week T____T

Well I hope you do well at univrsty.. and yes, I know.. I sleep too much sometimes.. and then I'll just bank it for when I only need 4 hours of sleep. >.>

That's where you disappeared to? XD

hmmmhmmm the only thing I do on LJ anymores is check marcuswolf's journal for her WONDERFUL 'untouchable' series. (which I understand you are the beta for). That is truly worth logging on to check, I always wait for baited breath for a next chapter.

It's an amazing fanfic and I love betaing it. ^^
I'm hoping she gets more inspiration to write more chapters soon~

I'm doing alright, it was my birthday yesterday, so I'm officially legal! Other than that no much to report.

Happy brithday to you then, and yay I love that icon.. it's so pretty!

I'm alright so far today but I think I might be developing a cold. How about you?

(Deleted comment)
Wow, it's nice to know that I'm missed *hugs* Thank you for thinking about me

I've missed you, dear Onee-star.

I feel like I've been a bad little sister for not talking to either you or Onee-sama for a while.

Clearly, I fail.

Oh no you don't fail.. the first thing anyone should know about me is that I get just as distracted as the next person. If you were to IM me and go "Hey look this is what's up" I'd stop whatever it was I was doing in order to talk to you or call you.. or something. So no worries, everyone have lives and neither I nor your onee-sama is going to hold it against you, I can guarentee you that.


I'll try to talk to you and Onee-sama more often.

I promise.

♥ It means a lot to know you guys care enough about me to want to keep in contact with me. And actually listen to what's going on with me.


Just rollin' around, as always. Here at LJ and at GJ. ^^

Currently thanking the gods above that Sqaure Enix actually announced games for my OTF (now I'll only have to wait five years+ for the one I actually want!). Not much to report on the school front, except that I can't wait to request a single for next semester.

I've no hard feelings for the situation either. I respect you greatly, and I think you're a pretty awesome person either way. I just don't want anything with soeur communities anymore, and I'm slowly detaching myself from the internet and from Livejournal because... I've had too much animosity towards me, and I'm pretty much to that nice breaking point before you do something stupid with your life. I'm seeking help for it, so maybe things'll be better. Sorry that I sorta screwed things up, hopefully they'll pan out a bit... nicer someday.

Oh don't worry, I hope things go well for you in the long run, I mean you deserve it. *nods* And yes, LJ can be a really bitter cesspool of shit, well anywhere really. Just remember that you do have friends here wherever you go.. and you didn't screw things up, not at all. So get that out of your head.

From what little I know of the situation, I would say you made a good decision, Nia. ♥ I miss seeing your updates on LJ, though I do from time to time check up on you on GJ (because I miss you that much!). As for Boise land, uh… I got my license and start my job Tuesday. I guess I'm entering adulthood now?

How are you todaaay? <3

Ooh wow you are a big girl now and I miss you jessalyn! *teehee*

Oi, GJ, that's where you went? :O I'm fine. Moving in with my dad again. Slowly. For real this time. <3

Yes, I was getting tired of the drama llama that was LJ and with good reason I suppose.. more growing space over at GJ.. but yay! I hope your move goes well with you!

Strangely I was just wondering why none of your posts have been popping up on my FL lately, and here you are. I never commented much, but your posts here are missed!

You always remind me that I'm FTL when it comes to keeping up with GJ. I really should put that link on my bookmark toolbar so I see it every day and remember that I exist over there.. *s* Or specifically, that YOU exist over there. *thud*

I should hit you up more in IMs, but I get so terribly lazy with that sometimes. *s*

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