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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Two little mini-rants *crossposted to Gj*~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all.

The little whiners that are like "Oh my god Duran Duran sold their soul to Justin Timberlake and Timbaland omg their song is crap" need to get the fuck out of my internets. My take on this? I was at first wary of any collaborations.. but I listened to the song, and I realized that it was the same magic that Duran Duran has been producing for me. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I'll be happy with the album. (The only Duran Duran album I was a bit sad about was "Big Thing".. it was a little bit too power station for me though the soft songs on Big Thing were awesome) But this song is awesome, and well Duran Duran has been evolving with every album that they've ever done. From their "Grunge-y" Wedding Album, to the psychadelic vibes of Medazzaland.. and Pop Trash which was all glitter and glam.. and Astronaut was their funky pop space oddessy. This is probably going to be funked out, but you know, I think that it is good for Duran Duran to evolve, and the moment they stop and get stuck in a rut, will be the day that they truly fail their fans. So I'm happy, and if I hear another person go that JT (John Taylor) doesn't have his awesome basslines in the single, I will strangle them)

Secondly, I am joined at antiyaoi and there are rants that I like to respond to rationally. However this one person took the cake. If someone doesn't like yaoi.. that's alright, I don't mind. I mean I have my own qualms with the yaoi fandom. But when someone says that "someone shouldn't be interested in something that they are not prepared to teach their children" well I took a great big whopping pound of offense to that. Well that rules out the entire porn population then doesn't it? Does that mean that a father shouldn't be interested in blow jobs because he isn't prepared to teach his children about it? I mean COME ON PEOPLE. Porn is for adults, and not for kids. You can hold both perfectly seperate.. people have been doing it for ages. Don't just exclude gay anime porn from it, when you make a comment like that, you have to take the entire package.. all porn.

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I remember checking that community before and it only got me frustrated. =_= ppl shouldn't be giving such efforts to the things they hate, if you hate something then just ignore it!!!
it's nice of you to respond to them.

That's a really good point, and it's a little frustrating to me as a parent.

I don't want my daughter to play Silent Hill, either (for a couple of years yet anyway), should I give that up? What else should I give up?

You put it better than I can, but yeah... it's OK for adults to do things kids shouldn't. That's part of what being an adult is.

Rather you than me. I couldn't even read that community's user info because I know I'd go into a rabid rage.

Fair play to you for bringing some much-needed rationality to those people.

"Oh my god Duran Duran sold their soul to Justin Timberlake"

May the power and laws of inevitability draw their eyes to the impending slash fics.

@antiyaoi: I guess I have a reason to actually read the posts there then XD since I'm curious how that exchange will be carried on. I believe I've seen you there a couple of times :v but ugh. I don't get people like that either -_-; I think my friend explained it best: there is ranting, and that's all well and fine, but a lot of people there seem to actually believe that boyslove fans simply shouldn't be having the real (or imagined) thoughts that they have, because there's something "wrong" with it to an extreme degree. Which, imo, is kind of accurate and depressing.

Oh believe me, I understand your frustration with people complaining about bands selling out. I've been a huge fan of the Barenaked Ladies for years, and as their albums have progressed, their style has changed. I still love them and I think the way they evolve and change is wonderful, but there are a lot of "fans" that refuse to even listen to their newer albums, or flat-out bash them. So while you can't really say they've "sold out", they've definitely changed, and that's enough to make certain people just bash them mercilessly. I just ignore the crazies, though.

And it's the same in yaoi. I'm not a member of any yaoi community because think that 99% of the people are completely insane, and I don't want to deal with them and all the drama they create. People are silly, aren't they? XD

I think there are people on both sides that just wank too much. I have alot of qualms with the yaoi fandoms, but there are people on the other side that are just as hardheaded and obstinate, the saner people on either side are usually the ones who don't really want to speak up/

And I love Barenaked Ladies, I'll agree with you.. I think the best part of following band is seeing how they evolved.

I haven't any qualms about teaching my kids those things. If I have kids, the plan is to explain not just heterosexuality, but homosexuality and bisexuality to them and explain, too, that everything is okay. Nothing about that is morally wrong. Nor is porn morally wrong. When the time comes for the major sex talk, not the introductory one you give when they first ask you where babies come from, I'm explaining about porn. No qualms, I say. Sex is a natural part of life.

The best protection against pregnancy, disease, and a guilty conscience filled with misery is education; I firmly believe that people who refuse to teach their kids properly about sex are stunting them for life. By properly, I mean including all orientations and letting them know that everyone has different sexual interests - as in, kinks, but you don't have to say that - and as long as it's between consenting adults, it's okay.

As for selling out, God, I am tired of that wank. Leave the Goo Goo Dolls, the Barenaked Ladies, and Duran Duran alone. All of them have been accused of selling out and you get really tired of it if you're me and love the band. Styles change as time goes on; for them to keep doing the same schtick would be boring, and they'd feel cramped. Just let people do what they want musically or see the band break up and never produce another album again! Yeesh!

I agree with you on the porn thing, Hyu-chan! Who would show their kids porn? Only someone really f-ed up or overly confident in their parenting abilities. o_O; But, kids normally tend to discover those things on their own. >_>; Parents have to face the music at one point or another.

P.S. Your icon is teh smex. 83

This puts me in mind of when Tori Amos was accused of not being tori-ish on her latest album. If an artist doesn't evolve they don't survive, end of story.

That's so weird, you're friend and I have the same name XD Duran Duran is getting better actually, and it's not that bad, that song. I mean, what is it with people and hating JT and Timbaland. D: I'm not fans but they've got talent. DUR that's why they're out there making money with the things we do in our bathroom. (I mean the singing XD)

I am a big yaoi fan and I don't see the point in what you said. D8 I mean, you are right. Gay anime smex is for adults so why the F would you want to or be prepared to teach it to your kids? OKAY. XD

BTW~ ignore random comment XD

Exactly, that made absolutely no sense to me. I mean I think that the antiyaoi community makes some great points at times but I think that the antihet community makes some good points too.. so well I try to balance myself out.

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