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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I am updating from work since my work has free computers.. I rarely use them since I am so busy but today we are not so much. Sorry I've not been updating that much, I figured I wouldn't when I realized that I was creating my fic journal and icon journal for over at Greatestjournal. However I do enjoy hearing from everyone and in fact I did finish the anime 12 Kingdoms last night.

Wow, I've no words for how awesome that series is, however it ended at such a point where I know there is more.. it's a shame the anime never continued. I hope of course that they start releasing the novels quickly because I really do want to see what happens to Taiki, King En and Youko. >.<

Also been whoring myself out to Gaia Online. I got two of the monthly collectables, well three.. one of them Umeda has to sorta earn. Not as good as the Fireflower by any means but still a whole lot of fun to be had. Well that's about it for updating and I really hope that you all have a wonderful afternoon!

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Yay work computers! Sorry I haven't been following much of your updating over at GreatestJournal. I've been ignoring it a lot. Ignoring a lot of things really. I should check there and see what's happening with you. *s*

I thought about picking up some 12 Kingdoms stuff a while back, when I had money, but never did because I'd heard bad things about it and couldn't spare the money on 'bad things' rofl. It's good to know you enjoyed it, as you have wonderful taste, so I'll probably enjoy it too. ^-^

Gaia Online owns my soul. D= Though I am pretty happy that someone donated a Dark Halo to me. ^-^; Eep!

Heeey, what's your SN on Gaia? I pretty much only ever go on to play jigsaw, but I'll add you!

Oh it's UmedaHokutox

Well that's the one that I'm usually on.. or HyuRicdeau

Unfortunately, the novels are on a year-a-novel schedule from all that I can see.

I agree, though. The anime was excellent. Augh, so much love for 12K~~ ♥

Hey what's your gaia screen name :O?

umedahokutox is my screename.. or HyuRicdeau

I just bought the first novel and might start reading it tonight.

It is too bad the anime is not completed, but the official theory is still that it will continue after more novels are out. At least they didn't create a fake filler ending to ruin it all.

Your icon is awesome, just wanted to say. :)

I used to have a Gaia account, but it's been sadly neglected. I managed to get Fox ears, though.

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