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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Today was an eventful weekend. Very relaxing and I'm definitely glad that it happened. Next weekend I am on my own since Todd and shuufish are going to Maine for 10 days (what will I do with all of my time? I don't know.. probably wait until they get back..)


Went to Greek Resturant.. had much yummies.
Went to .dot games and bought Lufia for the gameboy advance (it's good but nothing stellar)
Came home and RPed for a bit.


Woke up and went to Penny's for breakfast, had this wonderful stuffed croissant with pesto, tomatos and spinach
Went through the sidewalk sale that they were having and BOUGHT THE BEST HAWAIIAN SHIRT EVER (it has parrots on it! and it was half on.. a half on pure silk hawaiian shirt.. OH BOY)
Returned home and spent the rest of the afternoon RPing.


Grilling at Sherman Park. Yummy hamburgers and hotdogs.. yum yum!


I have to go to work today, but all in all I had a very good weekend.

Clow is in my mind now.. poor guy, getting pwned by Yuuko. Good thing he likes orange juice.. *teehee* Last night while I was writing in the book with Mish, I was thinking about what Clow Reed's birthday could be, and I got a very.. I guess Aquarius feel to him. So I looked it up.. 'unknown'. HOWEVER I then looked up Fujitaka and Eriol. Fujitaka is a Capricorn and Eriol was a Pisces.. which left a very logical hole where I COULD put him.. as an Aquarius, smack in between them. I love it when things work out like that.

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Actually, March 23 would "make" Eriol an Aries, not a Pisces.

However, as they're both reincarnations born in a very unnatural way, and Fujitaka being an orphan probably had his birthday made up in the place he was raised, and Eriol perhaps chose a birthday at random (unless any of his birthdays are close to Clow's deathday; if that's the case, if we take episode 68 of anime as canon-ish, it would've been on winter and it was probably on December/early January so Fujitaka could reach an orphanage during January... but I think it could've been any time of the year if we stick to manga canon)

To sum things up, because I tend to ramble when it comes to Clow-cola: Neither Eriol and Fujitaka are Aries and Capricorn respectively, in my opinion. I doubt they have any sun sign. If they do have one, it should be either the one for Clow's deathday which is their closest thing to their "birthday", or Clow's own sun sign. One thing is the birthday in legal documents, and the other the day they were born. By that logic, I doubt Yukito is a Capricorn either, as probably Yue chose Christmas for some reason, just like Ruby Moon chose October for her Nakuru façade.

Considering the first volume of HOLiC, I'm not surprised he hides his birthday. People could try to control his fate or his soul, etc. I've always thought magicians in that CLAMPverse world would just lie about their birthdays or keep it a secret, to cover their backs. Example: Yuuko.

*yes, she has thought too much about it, and even wrote fic with Eriol choosing a birthdate of his own*

I just like to have birthdays for all of my muses so there's no great reasoning for me chosing Aquarius to represent Clow, I just think he has a very aquarian temperment.

Heh, I understand. Sorry I rambled XP It's a bad trait of mine when it comes to my fictional crushes.

Yeah, I agree the air element fits Clow well. I can see a bit of each of those signs in him (Libra's desire for balance, Gemini's contradictions), but Aquarius!Clow seems most adequate to me.

You had a great weekend truly.

For some reason I love Hawaiian shirts, and you can find me wearing them at home almost all the time.

Yay for good weekends...

*pokes at the parrots on the shirt*

I can say with certainty that Clow just comes off as very Aquarian, but that could just be me, being biased :P (But I'd like to think that I could recognize others of my sign. And Clow's definitely eccentric enough to be an Aquarian.)

Maybe it's just what I read/watch, but it seems that Aquarians do not pop up that often.

Lucky creature -- so much envy over that silk parrot shirt!

And all the awesomest guys are Aquarii. Aquariuses? Aquariums?

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