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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
LJ is very quickly losing it's credibility. Seriously, suspending ponderosa121 and another one but OMG TAKING OUT THE STRIKETHROUGH. Note that it's bolded, but with no strike. Yes that is LJ's doing.. the best you can do is put the strike through it for them. And all for Harry/Sirius artwork. I don't particularly -care- for that pairing granted, but still.. they could of done a better job on the whole. Instead they decided to make sure that a Strikethrough didn't happen again, so they took that option away.

Ohohoho they know exactly what they are doing.

Want details? Go to the latest news entry and click on page 6.. that is approximately when it starts.

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Actually, it was Snape/Harry. Not that it really matters what it was, but |D

I believe the other was elaboration? And, if I remember correctly, she got suspended for Fred/George artwork. Both suspensions are ridiculous, and it's possible that there's more out there that haven't been heard of yet.

But getting rid of the strikethrough is low. Really really dirty. Did they really think that we wouldn't NOTICE? XD; Just because there's no strikethrough doesn't mean we can't tell when people have kicked the bucket.

Let's see how long it takes to get a response THIS time, eh?

Only LJ knows how to bring wank of this caliber. The real bullshit is that not only were these artists suspended, they were kicked without notification and were not first asked to remove the material deemed offensive. Not only that, but they were left with no chance of appeal.

"Sorry, we don't want yer kind 'round here."

The whole thing is just getting retarded. *Shrugging* If it wasn't for the fact someone bought me gift time here and the fact that all my LJ friends won't up and move with me, I would probably have already went to GreatestJournal. I mean, I already have an account there, but still...


I remember back in the early 2000's when this site was actually Awesome. >.>

Jeez they're making such a mess XD;;; When will it eeeeeeeend~~~~ D8

...Not more of this shit.

WTH! What could the imaginary people possible have been doing to prompt a suspension. The internet is pissing me off more and more each day.

Gotfuckingdamnit. Ugh!

I'm getting so sick of the way 6A handles Livejournal. The possibilities they're showing me with these incidents are looking worse and worse.

....Oh no they *didn't*. (They got rid of the strike, too?!)

Yup they did.. it seems rather childish of them to do it too.

I guess you really have to be careful about what you write , draw and post here :O!

*sigh* Not again *headdesk*
Getting rid of the strikethrough is really childish. Maybe so people couldn't reuse their "I survived the great strikethrough' icons :\

Horrible, absolutely horrible

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