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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
To start out this post, I promise that one day I will do the Daily Download.. *crosses fingers* Maybe today or tomorrow.. since I love to give people new music.. though I'm not sure how new most of my music is since I've not had an opportunity to listen to alot of new music.. and everything I had downloaded previously I didn't really care for save for this one boyband song that Seishirou and Ukitake bonded over. (why am I vaugely disturbed that -they- are friends.. I know Jin and Seishirou are friends, but Ukitake and Seishirou.. hooboy.. it just goes to show you that Ukitake can be friends with ANYONE)

Random observation. My ass is nice. There is this adage that is passed down through all Warrens, that their asses are one of their best features, and I was looking at myself in the mirror while I was drunk silly (I was wearing those red panties that Chigdem bought for me as apart of her turkish new years tradition.. yeah I know.. that's wierd.) and I was like. "Wow my ass is nice." and because I was drunk, when I woke up, i remembered vaugely so I had to see if my impression still stood.

And the verdict was, I would hit that. Seriously. (I don't get very many physical bouts of vanity.. so allow me to drool over my ass, k?) So yes, I can thank my dad's genes for the fact that I have a hittable ass.

I have my ringtones set to my cellphone.. with the song "Say a Little Prayer" from My Best Friend's wedding for Alexi, "Party-Party" from Shin-chan for Todd.. and then I need to get Todd to upload shuufish's ringtone for me. The other default is of course "Bomb A Head V" the theme song from Tenjou Tenge.. (probably the best thing ABOUT that anime.. if the anime was as cool as the theme song, I'd watch it eagerly)

That's about it with me! YAY!

So how are you all doing?

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WTF?! Hyu-chan?! xDDD

o_o; But then again...you must work out a lot, so I guess it's reasonable to say your ass is nice. X3!

(Deleted comment)
Well I think that there has to be something that you need to be attracted to yourself about.. I think that when you feel good about something and proud of it, it picks up your confidence alot!

Everybody needs a bit of compliments once in a while, specially for oneself, right?

Which reminds me, I went on midnight to the bathroom and noticed my left ear is smaller than my right, and I freaked out. Isn't that weird?

Yes, for Daily Download XD

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