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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So evidentally Vic Mignogna (voice actor for Fai in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) or whatever his name is actually got ahold of CLAMP and asked them if Fai and Kurogane were homosexual for each other.

And reportedly (according to Vic) they said 'no". *and this is only from watching the 9 minute rant*

I find this hard to believe on several levels.

CLAMP is very elusive.. they neither confirm nor deny things. It's how they operate and a good reason of why I love them. Anyone asks, I highly doubt that they would give a straight answer.. because they are LIKE that. As kaitou_marina stated, they know limited english and Vic knows limited Japanese. You can see where that would get very FUN to muddle through. Seriously though, I could say that they would say 'yes' but even I know that isn't the truth. This is CLAMP you are dealing with after all, they make money off of faceplanting millions of fangirls everywhere.

Try a little harder, Vic. Try to make your lies more convincing and then -maybe- people will believe them. (that is why I think that religion and ethics should stay the hell out of anime.. because Vic is turning his anime career into an anti-buttsecks pro-jesus-christ campaign and I have no problem with that.. but not a whole lot of people are going to be listening to him at anime-cons where the main point of them -are- fantasy worlds and unreality)

It is obviously a very clamp-ranty week.

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He plays Fai in the dub.


Okay, I totally don't care. XD

Vic's just upset that no one believed him the first time around. Poor baby, his heterosexuality is so opressed and misunderstood by CLAMP fandom. XD

Someone should tell Vic that channelling his sexuality through Fai is NOT COOL!

The only convention I ever go to is Dragon*Con. If he ever shows up there, then I'll let him know.

...Maybe he'll cry. X3

I saw him at ACEN one year. His short film was kinda cute, but something about him kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I guess I know what it is now.

*sigh* That's annoying. Last I heard he was saying that he and Fay "both liked girls" *cracks up*

I actually saw Vic up close once at Anime Boston (I was standing maybe 10 feet from him), and the first word that came to mind was CLOSETED. I can't take dubbers seriously anyhow, especially not ones who claim to be the be all and end all of their character's orientation.

(Plus IMO the manga's a million times better)

...Oh Vic. *facepalm* I agree with athenaltena in that the ...two? times I've met him at cons, he comes off as a closet case XD

Ahahaha, the voice of Edward Elric strikes again! Remember when there was hueg-liek-xbox wank a couple years ago when Vic decided to share his thoughts on Ed's sexuality? (For anyone who missed it: straighter than straight, and by the way the mere idea of Ed with any of the series guys, *cough* Roy *cough* really grosses him out. This was...not well received, as you can imagine.)

Anime studios need to drop the idiots (and alkflasfaklsdf;; BAD VAs) they've kept on payroll for the last 10-15 years and pick up the consummate professionals that modern video games are hiring.

Vic's an idiot. He can't even think of good lies. Why would he even think that CLAMP would speak to a VA from another country? Doesn't he realize how busy they are with TRC and Holic every week, Kobato every month, writing the OVAs, writing the 3rd Drama CD and various other projects they work on.

Besides just when does he think this talk took place? A phone call would be out unless they had a 3-way with a translator plus they would have to work out the time difference. CLAMP has made no trips to the US lately so that means he would have to take a trip to Japan during the middle of the biggest con season (which I doubt he'd want to miss out on since he gets paid for going to them).

Vic's the type who would try arguing that Yukito and Touya are just "really good friends".

This Vic guy just keeps getting himself into trouble^^; Fai could be dancing around in his own mini Gay Pride parade and the actor would react with "U R STRAIT, KK?" or something equally inane.

I'm not heavily into Clamp fandom, but I really really really DO NOT like that guy at all. He's a giant douche. But then again, most dub actors are crap anyway.

*LOL* When is it NOT a CLAMP-ranty week? XDDDDDDD

Seriously, I want to call that guy out on all of his shit, but it's nigh impossible. I keep hoping he'll find my LJ again so we can have it out.

How funny, since at AX 2006 one of the CLAMP panel questions was specifically about Fai and Kurogane to which CLAMP personally affirmed it in front of hundreds of fans. Furthermore Vic was also at the con but he was too busy talking about FMA and his role as Ed to care about anything else.

Yeah, boy has an EGO, and he's not that good anyway. I'm a sub purist myself, but I can see why he'd lie through his teeth about something like that.

I really should try reading Clamp. Maybe I should buy it with my next pay check. If only for connecting better with your "extreme love/defense from idiots" Clamp rants.

Knowing CLAMP's record when it comes to pairings(eg. SakuraxMadison(Tomoyo) , the boys of CLAMP campus dectectives and a few other shows/mangas) , I really can't believe that either. I can almost imagine them saying "no" quickly to end that line of questioning.

(Deleted comment)
I think I love you.. seriously!

[quote]Try a little harder, Vic. Try to make your lies more convincing and then -maybe- people will believe them. (that is why I think that religion and ethics should stay the hell out of anime..[/quote]

WORD. Absolute, total word.

♥ for this post.

Why thank you..

And yay Wolfwood and Vash! <3<3<3

Yay for them indeed! Oh, did you hear that they became canon in the manga before Wolfwood died? That was so good. Even though Nightow totally fucked over the final chapter (at least he didn't involve pointless het in the manga end, so yay again for him there), that will make me love that fandom FOREVER. ♥

So what are your thoughts on Hiro and Ando from Heroes? After catching the ComicCon panels on Youtube (couldn't be at the con this year) it looks like they're headed for officialdom too.

It's a good time to be a fan ^_^

(Deleted comment)
Oh sure, go right ahead.. I mean I only post when I see something on my friend's list.. though if you really want the 411 kaitou_marina is where I get most of my news and information from. And if you want any sources, go and type in Vic Mignogna in Youtube and you'll find many many video recorded panels with him reaching out with his mountains of generalizations and falsities. (Or rather how I see it, I know there are some fans of Vic around.. I am just not one of them)

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