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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~People are dumb~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I like hot man on man action..

But I hate it when people think that just because I -like- yaoi, I 'obviously' think females are worthless. SO NOT TRUE. Yes, it is true that alot of fans give us buttsecks loving fans a bad rep HOWEVER generalities also suck. I happen to like ALOT of female characters, and I have a few pet het ships that are very dear to me. But I'm not constricted by canon, because canon means very little to me. (though I'm thrilled where canon works out with me.. like Clamp, Clamp is notorious for spreading the male/male and female/female love.. never have been disappointed with Clamp, with their Seishirou/Subaru, Touya/Yukito and now Fai/Kurogane.)

But some people that think that all females that Clamp makes are sues. WHAT-THE-FUCK ever. I might of been able to take her seriously.. but then she had to state that she would prefer characters such as Kotori if Clamp had made them guys. FAGGOTRY!.

She's only worried about people 'breaking' her ship. Especially us evil Ashura-ou fans who evidentally WANT TO BREAK UP THE FAI/KUROGANE LOVE. (excuse me, Ashura-ou probably has his own man-slave hiding away somewhere.. by the name of Taishakuten)

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I agree with you!! Yaoi lovers are NOT female haters. We just have preferences. I don't see why that has to MEAN anything scandalous ... Some people are just idiots

XO MOAR WANK. WHERE?? <-- is a h0r

Ugh, agree 100% tho, and also with that last post about Ashura. *snort* Mind control?? Please.

Wank is unfun, especially when it's more moronic than usual!

(And even though Kotori as a guy would be kind of cute (think Clamp would've kept Kotori's long hair?) what would be the point? Especially if they have the same personality...)

And even though I've never read RG Veda (I plan on changing that when I come into some green stuff) I THINK ASHURA-OU IS FREAKING AWESOME. (Think he hides the manslave in his closet?) And again, it's *obviously* not his fault Fai and Kurogane are fighting. (Kurogane looked like he was going to kill Fai anyway.)

Agreement 100% People have said that about Winry too. "I'd like her so much better if she were a boy." Because... sexual organs are going to alter someone's person? *confused*

Though, as for Taishakuten, if he has ANYTHING to do with this at all, I'm beginning to think that he might already be dead and Ashura-ou might be doing all of this to somehow... ressurect him? It's a long shot, but it would certainly fall into the theme of Celes and the other country dominated by RG Veda characters, Shura.

I completely agree. Just because I like yaoi doesn't mean I don't like females or het. I find it stupid if someone says they'd like Kotori better if she was male because changing her sex is not going to change how she acts. She's still going to be the exact same character.

As for all CLAMP females are sues, the only one I would consider a sue is CCS!Sakura but I think she's cool anyway.

And Ashura-ou breaking up KuroFay... it's been a long time since I've seen a Ashura-ou/Fay fan. I know that pairing had a few fans early on in the series but supporters have pretty much disappeared. Any Ashura-ou fan I know of wants Taishakuten to appear somewhere so they can be together (alas it appears that won't happen unless Taishakuten is already dead and they meet when Ashura-ou dies).


Srsly guyz, KOTORI IS CUTE, CHII IS CUTE, heck, MOKONA IS SO DAMN CUTE, and it won't make any differences if they have PENIS! D: SRSLY!!!

So liking Ashura-ou now constitutes us being dumped in the evil bin?

... Neat.

Speaking as an old school RG Veda fan. I really have no interest in TRC. *bricked*


That's all I have to say about that.

On a side note: *Squee!Fai/Kurogane!*

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(Deleted comment)
Ashura-ou and Taishakuten is a major major love of mine.

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