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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~After Reading Harry Potter book 7~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Alot of things happened that I was sure was going to happen,

Some things happened that kept me very much surprised.

I like Tonks/Remus.. (not as much as Sirius/Remus for sure *my otp for the series*.. but I will concede that I like it alot more then I did in the LAST book) and I lol'd at the BLATANT SMACK IN THE H/HR FANS FACE *it's there and it's hilarious*

There will be alot of fandom wank for this one, and I can't imagine that the H/HR fans will be too happy about this.

Oh yes and..

for anyone curious about who dies...



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LMAO, best spoilers under a cut ever <3 I've already read the book so I already know who dies.


I was happy overall.. the epilouge was a bit cheesy but well who can say.. and it was a BIT anticlimatic.. but well at least it's done and over with.

I'm so glad that someone is mentioning the "AHAHA TAKE THAT, SUCKERS" that all the R/Hr fans are feeling after the book. >D I am not feeling sorry for the H/Hr fans, AT ALL. (They're usually the bitches ignoring the fact that JKR herself said that Harry and Hermione love each other as a brother and sister and it's completely platonic etc.)

Remus/Tonks was kinda cute in a way - but somehow I got the feeling Remus wasn't really happy, and that he was much happier in the end, standing side by side with James, Lily and Sirius.

And your advice to the people-who-want-to-know-who-dies: I agree whole-heartedly. ♥

You know, I got the same thing.. I mean honestly and seriously... there was a big void that was left with Sirius' death, and I think that he just probably talked with Tonks about it.. and he was grateful for the comfort that she gave, Tonks fell in love with him and then it just went from there. I am fairly sure that her feelings developed for him over the course of "OoTP" and he wasn't drawn attention to it until HBP when she did all these things to get attention. But I do like how Tonks wasn't so annoying in this last book then last book. Last book had me questioning Tonk's bint factor.. she got much more cooler in this book.

But he was happier, he was with Sirius, James and Lily.. that was his true family.

And the H/HR shippers deserve it for being positively ugly about it.

Haha XD
Best spoiler post ever.

I couldn't resist.. last time I was posting spoilers about whot he Half blood Prince was (and they weren't even from the same SERIES) People are fun to fuck with sometimes.

I remember reading a interview article with JK Rowling last year. The reporter asked if Rowling thought Harry/Hermoine fans were delusional, but I don't remember the exact answer she gave. XD; It was something like "Oh, I wouldn't call them delusional, but... *Insert some strong excuse here*". I laugh.

Still... I think that was the same article in which she said a fan came up with the idea of Remus/Tonks, and she just went with it. Apparently someone made some kind of comment about Remus and Tonks having multi-colored werewolf puppies... As amusing as that thought is, I'm not much of a R/T fan. >> Sirius/Remus for me plzzz.

Anyhow... Yeah, nice spoiler you've got there. x)

Yes, I'm a bigger fan of Remus and Sirius.. but Tonks and Remus was a trifle cute... I just didn't see any great big depths of emotion to them together.. not even at the spoiler part.

(Deleted comment)
Oh it's still random, mark my words.. but it's not sickening like it was in the last book.

I was SO VERY CONFUSED in OotP when Tonks/Lupin were vury OH SNAP EMOTIONS! all over the place. =/ And then Lupin just came across as all.. emo over it. Tonks is very "=( luff luff luff let's talk about it, Remus!" And Lupin is very "=/ Get off my back woman, I'm gay!" in her general direction, but those words were cleverly disguised as "plz not right now, I has a headache =("

All in all, I fear reading the 7th book due to the intense LUV talk I keep hearing between Tonks and Lupin. But knowing that he doesn't have to stay with her for eternity almost makes it worth reading. *WG*

Fuck Harry, I'm in it for the Lupin. *Snappity Thumbs Up*

I'm not much of a Harry Potter fan but I gotta say surprisingly I liked it *well a little*. Argh I don't wanna leave any spoilers, but I'm amused of some the jokes about it *points to avatar*

My biggest problem all along with Tonks/Remus was the way Tonks was acting throughout the entire book of HBP because she thought Remus didn't love her. It was much better this time around.

Sirius/Remus I like but my OTP is James/Sirius. I giggle all the time in OotP when Sirius tells Harry he ran away from home to be with James.

Still...haven't...read...books......Ahhhhhhhhhhh *dies*

Fucking work -__-


Unfortunately, I was already heavily spoiled by my Harry Potter obsessed sister -_- (Not to say I was not a fan---I was, very much so, until Sirius died. I became disenchanted then, and I've become even more so hearing about who died in this one. Soooooo unfair. I'll still read the book though, once I get a chance to head to the bookstore. Disenchanted or not, I'm riding this fandom to the end!)

And I laugh at Harry/Hermione fans. LAUGH. (Ahem, I'm so mean) I hope they weren't too disappointed.... :)

Well I mean disappointed, but J.K Rowling had been building this up since book ONE. So I have no sympathy for them.

And yes, when Sirius died, it sort of felt less.. magical to me.. but then Sirius was a favorite character.

Yes, same here. Sirius was probably the character that sealed the love for Harry Potter...so of course when he died I became heavily depressed. The third book was my favorite because he was in it! I don't think I'll ever recover from that blow. X.x

I haven't finished reading it yet but from where I am right now...

I found myself laughing when I thought about the faces of the H/HR fans XD

I know.

Harry: But I love her like a sister.. she's like a sister! *another nail goes in the H/HR coffin*

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