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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
1.) I want to punch Sano. (he's trying too hard)
2.) Mizuki -is- very similar to the manga version.. but unfortunately Ella has endeared herself to me with her portrayal of Mizuki.
3.) First meeting of Umeda.. not impressed. This doesn't bode well.
4.) Nanba IS amusing. Probably the most amusing part of the show. (I am not at all sure if Nanba is enough for me to actually -watch- it.)
5.) The fangirls at every corner is annoying... also the pep squad from the sister school. I want to punch them all too.
6.) The second scene with Umeda in it was a little bit more interesting.. though the smile wasn't EXACTLY on par.. it was closer then the first time. He's still under-trying.
7.) I take that part about Nanba back.. he's a whore.. and not an interesting whore at that.
8.) Nakajima's cloak is kinda spiffy though.
9.) All in all.. the drama. It was whacked out.. and not in the good way that the T-drama was.

10.) Though Umeda has potential.. more potential then I thought originally. Still does that automatically redeem the show. Not really.

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haha i see this five seconds after i see the other post.

i thought it was just horrid. they tried WAY too hard... and the actors were just really shitty to me. (Maki was okay, but no where near Ella for me)

yeah japan failed at that drama. TW for the win.

Indeed.. I proudly wave my TW banner. Those three in the taiwanese version really clinched it for me.. and just seeing their picture makes me smile. The three people in the j-drama left me ambivilant.. (and quite honestly, whoever is playing Sano is UGLY.)

And Ella still remains as cute as a button!

i love you. not many people are agreeing with me on this, and i keep hearing all over my flist how much they love this japanese version. :/

i have NO feelings for the main three in that one.

Maki (Mizuki) still is far too girly to be convincing and she has no real personality that wins me over.

Toma (uh what's his characters name in japanese...? it's Xiu Yi from TW the one who thinks he's gay) he's just so ugly and not funny. i mean Jiro was HILARIOUS in the TW, i LOVED him from the moment he first talked to her in the boys bathroom and threatened to show her his peen!

and Shun (Sano)... oh Shun. i've loved him in the past, but he doesn't look good in this one at all. his hair is bad, he's freakishly dark for some reason, and all it seems he can do now is that grouchy/emo guy who's an ass. Chun made me believe that Quan loved and cared for Rui Xi and i LOVED their cute awkward relationship!

as for the rest, the TW people were love for me, Senior Nan/Mai Tian/Yang Yang/Da Shou... LOVE. the japanese versions were just ugly and bad actors. (well i didn't mind ghost boy in the japanese, but that's not enough to save me for it)

why were they mean to her? and why doesn't he know she's a girl??? (i hear he still doesn't know by the end of the second episode D:) and all the girls outside the school... oh god they were so killing my soul. DX

yeah it was just crap for me, and the TW one will ALWAYS be my REAL Hana Kimi.

Agreed.. and seriously. The Taiwanese made me love certain characters more. When I read the manga, I wasn't too keen on Sano or the others. But I can honestly say that I loved them all.

And freaky I can read aura guy.. he's just freaky. The one from the T-version was so much more loveable.

ok, let's say you got extremely bored someday in the near future and you had nothing much to do. you can watch the second episode because:

1) it's much better than the first one.
2) the only one who's trying hard in it is still sano, and I want to punch him too.
3) umeda said that he's not interested in women xD (even though he said something about sharing a bed with one a few minutes before)
4) ummm, because you'll be extremely bored by that time? Dx
5) since you liked maki the episodes is pretty much about her. and the scenes aren't rushed anymore.

the taiwanese version followed the manga pretty well, they had the exact dorm room and all!! even though ella is pretty much a tomboy and ashiya didn't really appear as one in the manga.

Well that's not really likely to happen since I have a backlog of anime that I have to watch (Bleach, D.greyman, 12 Kingdoms, D.greyman..) however I agree that there are some people that will like this version of HanaKimi and I'm not publically flaying them for it, I just don't feel the series like I did the Taiwanese.

I may watch the second episode, because I did force myself to watch all of Sukisho..(though okay I'll admit that was for Seichirou and Nanami)

I didn't bother. I just... I seriously didn't bother. My friend David was all like 'OMG YAY OGURI SHUN' because he has the hugest boner for the man, but, ha ha, he freaked when he saw what he looked like.

He made it through the first fifteen minutes.

Yeah, I watched it and it just didn't hold the wibbles for me that the taiwanese version did. And quite honestly by the third time I saw Umeda in the taiwanese version, I was in love.. the third time I saw Umeda in this version, I was like "huh?" Which brings me to conclude that no matter how much you pose, the snarkiness is what makes my favorite bitterly gay doctor. (and inherent evilness..)

Mei Tian will always hold a special place in my pants. ... Heart. I meant heart.

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