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So I officially LOVE working at Penny's Kitchen. It is the ANTI-AAFES. People are laid back but work gets done, everyone is friendly, there are charming little motivational notes sprinkled all over the place, music plays in the back and well it's just really really nice. The ambiance from just working there makes me happy. And the best part it is not even corperation. There are other good things about it too.. but they are really small and cool things. I think that I may have the best job in Sault Ste Marie, seriously.. and you know I never thought that the little cafe that I fell in love with when I first ate there a few years ago, I would be -working- at.

and of course I was lauded for being a 'sharp' one.. that also makes me insanely happy.. I take pride in my work ethic.

Seriously, I really am happy. It's nice to have a job.
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