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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I did my semi annual culling of friends. How does that affect any of you? Not at all. My sort of culling is the not having updated in 50 wks type deal. So if you update regularly and still give me amusings to to read, you are still on. I very RARELY have friend's cuts. Usually I do that after a giant upheavel in my life... and I'm pretty easy to please, not to mention I'm pretty easygoing and laid back. (however if you want off my flist.. then just tell me.. it'll make me sad but well it's all about personal decision)

I don't really believe in clicques either. (except for myself and my partner in crime.. which reminds me, HEY tinrobo, I suggest you add and watch fires_dance because she wrote something based on what you drew.. and it is awesome and CUTE! *got to read it in the car on the way to Traverse City*) (*and I have my mind on a companion piece to that..*)

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You're on the way to TC? Damn, I'm going to be passing through there on my way to Grand Rapids! XD Two LJer ships passing in the night... This is hilarious.

Wait a minute.. where are you heading FROM?

A companion piece? YAY!

Yes because you have a wonderful way of writing Hyuga out without actually giving him any thought beyond what Sigurd is guessing, and so I figured that I could probably just fill in the blank and it'd be fun.

Wow, that was unexpected. I'm all curious now to see what you're talking about!

Ahahaha that picture stemmed an entire conversation between both me and Mish regarding our muses and how VERY TYPICAL THAT TABLEAUX WOULD BE and ficcage from Mish was born. You'll like it. I AWW'D AT HOW ADORABLE IT IS!

You! Go here! Read the last three entries! I think you'll like them. Speaking of amusings to read, and all.

I'm glad that I got to stay :)

I'm still HERE! YAY! *confetti*


I would never get rid of you! *hugs*

*creeps away and hides how uninteresting his journal is*

whoa, awesome Duklyon icons, darn, your icons always made me wants to read / watch my old series... =w=

I know! Duklyon is awesome. I have such a hard on for that series.. the first humerous clamp school that I read.

I hope my journals are at least a little interesting to you. ._.; Nevermind that I mainly write on GJ. >.> I just hope that I never get off one day because I love your entries! DX Not to mention the awesomeness that is your icons~<3

Oh no, I don't usually delete someone unless they've actively made them dislike them, hate them or the request for me to defriend them (because they've defriended me). I still have you proudly as a friend on BOTH journals!

Glad to stick around. :D

Oh noez, I don't have anything amusing to say anymore, you best delete me! *woe!*

Yeah right. >.> You know I shove retarded crap in your pocket every chance I get. *latches onto your leg* .. and I'm like the PLAGUE! You can't get rid of me. X3

Wait.. we got rid of the plague.. shit. >.>

Well, you can't get rid of ME. =3 Because I'm awesome, and you need more Awesome. Everyone needs more Awesome!


*just woke up, is in stupid still asleepish mode* Lulz.

Fwee, I'm still here! ^^

That being said, I really should scribble something once in a while. XD

I am still here I am still here wheeeeeeee!

I feel so bad about not updating my journal regularly anymore. Real life has distracted me the past year or so, and I make a little sad face inside when I see my friend list is so tiny. But...

It's about quality, not quantity!

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