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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
The first episode of the j-drama of HanaKimi is out. And I'm not downloading it. Why you ask, since I pretty much worship the ground that Umeda and Akiha walk on..? Well it is because I don't care enough about the japanese drama to actually take the eight parts of it and put it BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Seriously, I don't. So if anyone on my flist is watching it.. tell me what you think, I'm very curious to know. If it gets a 15 yays out of 20.. then I will consider downloading it. But if not. Then I can't be assed.

Still Umeda/Akiha are BFF! (And I yay I still love the T-drama so very much.)

Oh yes, another happy note. A JOB INTERVIEW! FINALLY! In 45 minutes. If I have a job, then I will feel better overall about myself and have a purpose.

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YEAH! GO GET THAT JOB! *cheers and throws encouragement confetti...the NOT corny kind!*

Fred Fredbuger knows what to say in a time like this! YES! *pops out fireworks*

I know, I am psyched. Because it means money coming in. *SQUEE*

I'm not downloading it until I find out it's worth it either |D I'm still annoyed that Akiha's a woman. :|

Good luck with the interview!

your icon is love.. truly it is >.>

Thanks for the encouragement!

Send me the link and I will check it out for you.

And yays on the job!

Your not missing alot.. The first ep barely goes by the manga at all. The only decent part to me was the ending of it where Umeda asks "Why is a girl like you, in a boys school" is what my interpation [sp cus I suck at spelling] of him saying.. Other than that.. Nakatsu = No Kasai-ben, and was picking on Mizuki non-stop bullying her like the other kids.
Nanba = play boy like he is to me
I'm not happy with the other 2 dorm heads.. So far I'm dissapointed and think I should give the TDrama another try... The only reason I'm watching the JDrama.. I love Shun and he is Sano.. I'm so lame X_X but yeah so far I'm really let down.. ^^; there is a lot more that is wrong with the serious.. but yeah, not by the manga at all in the first ep.. X_X

PS. Good Luck with your interview <3333

sorry to be like a plague right now.. but I uploaded these and thought you might be interested http://atsuros-tiger.livejournal.com/100644.html#cutid2 that is a link to where you can download the Hana Kimi Drama CD's ^^ everything is listed there from track names to which Seiyuu is which charcter ^^

/no more posting here to annoy you X_X

Ooh thank you! I shall check it out! Thanks! <3<3<3

Your welcome! I know your a fan of the Hana-Kimi as well ^_^ So I thought of you ^^

Good luck with the interview! :3

Thanks for the goodluck. I actually got it so YAY!

Firstly, CONGRATS ON GETTING THE JOB! X3 :high-five: I hope you have fun and it treats you well!

Now, as for the HanaKimi JDorama..

I like Mizuki the best so far. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that her character is the most unchanged; Nakatsu and Umeda follow closely (because, come on now - it's Umeda. I'll always love him, no matter what might happen.). Sano is too bitchy, Nanba is a TWIT as opposed to being SexOnLegs-san, and Oscar didn't speak a lick of German. All the character bitching aside, I can't say I dislike it because it's still telling a story I enjoy.

As with all things, there are additions that were made to either grab the audience or pump up initial character interest. There are screaming schoolgirls and Nakatsu's given some early-on uncharacteristic angst with his grandmother passing away. We also get a lot of Kayashima and I got the impression they were trying to imply that he has a one-sided crush on Nakatsu.

Eh, I'm left feeling a little disappointed but I'll keep watching it. I can't say it's the raving glory of the Taiwanese 花樣少年少女 but it has some potential.

... but Akiha =/= woman. Dammit Japan.

Ooh well it'd definitely be interesting... I just hope that someone releases a version that isn't ripped up into eight pieces.

I'm sure it exists.. I've gotten more used to looking for subs thanks to the fact that everyone around me needs them. &_&;;

I found the first episode divided only into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Aww see how benevolent you are.

Though I should finish "The Twelve Kingdoms" first. >.>

MMm EPIC SERIES IS EPIC and full of glorious characters &hearts

If you're watching the TV series, I hope you're prepared for the fact that it was abruptly cut off instead of finished for its run. : <

Also, the first of the novels has recently been translated into English - I just finished reading it and the translation (aside from nitpicks with things like spelling) is quite good considering it has TokyoPop to thank for it.

Yes I actually got my ass in gear to actually watch the series because of the novel. (which IS good, I can't wait for the second one)

It seems like it is epic, there are added characters in the anime series which I find amusing!

When we all sat down and watched it, Brutha and I took to calling Sugimoto "Not Special" because she just WASN'T IMPORTANT OR SPECIAL ENOUGH to be the main character.

I haven't read all of the books, but it's certainly on my list of things to do; I really enjoy the story. I'm glad you are becoming familiar with it! :3

I say watch it, just don't compare it to either the manga or the taiwanese drama. it's better this way. I mean, see it as if you have this new japanese show that is filled with hotties and has an interesting story line :D
I think I was sure that they turned umeda straight since the akiha is played by a lady. but he's wearing a silk t-shirt and blue/grey eye contacts *_* it's like, they want him to look gay!! I don't know anymore, that's why I am looking forward to the next episode. I don't dislike the actor anymore, he's quite charming~

but omg senri, I am speachless *_*

WHAT? A Hana-Kimi jdrama?! :O

Oh the stuff I miss out on when I take a break from downloadables. D:

I do remember watching some of the first ep of the T-drama (or maybe just reading about it online. That should tell you how great my memory is. XD) and the girl who played Mizuki really didn't look like her. Maybe I just caught her at a bad angle though. Still gonna watch it and love it. Probably gonna watch and love the jdorama too, even if it only devolves into being worth the bishies. /shallow and easily-amused.

Congrats on getting the job by the way.

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