Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

The first episode of the j-drama of HanaKimi is out. And I'm not downloading it. Why you ask, since I pretty much worship the ground that Umeda and Akiha walk on..? Well it is because I don't care enough about the japanese drama to actually take the eight parts of it and put it BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Seriously, I don't. So if anyone on my flist is watching it.. tell me what you think, I'm very curious to know. If it gets a 15 yays out of 20.. then I will consider downloading it. But if not. Then I can't be assed.

Still Umeda/Akiha are BFF! (And I yay I still love the T-drama so very much.)

Oh yes, another happy note. A JOB INTERVIEW! FINALLY! In 45 minutes. If I have a job, then I will feel better overall about myself and have a purpose.
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