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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I submitted my application to the package store early this morning, and I got to talk to the Manager (who happened to be pretty hot.. seriously eye dropping level of hotness) and well here's hoping. I really do want a job and I keep applying everywhere nearly and getting no responses back. I know I'll have a job eventually but still.. it gets me out of the house and actually feeling productive. It's an iffy day around this place and I think I'm just going to take a nap. I don't really feel like doing anything at the moment.

I want a cat of my own. But I won't get one until I have a job. It'd just be nice to have something of my own in this household. Prim is nice and all but I didn't raise her from kittenhood, you know. I'm not her mommy.

Nap time for me. Probably have the nap after reading a few more chapters of Phoenix and Ashes

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You will always be mommy to nine kitties, you know.

*nine pairs of eyes wibble*

I'm sorry I have not posted more pictures of the cats yet. If you call me tonight to remind me, I will start uploading them before you get off the phone.


awww . . . . *HUGS*, don't worry, the right job is out there, it will happen!

Blegh. I feel all bad and stuff for showing you those cute/funny kitty things. *lip quiver!*

Some day soon though, you will get kitties and there will be much rejoicing! (yay) and then there will be overly happy kitty cuddles for Hyu-san. Yiss yiss yiss.. *clingle*

And.. arw, the job stuff. *employment searching slumping sympathy noises* I agree with Jaanmac, don't worry, the right job is totally out there somewhere! It Will happen! *nodnod* I have mah fingers crossed for you, for shoar~

Aww that isn't what caused it. I loved those kitty furry things.. so adorable. And I can't wait to name my future little kitten.. it's going to be something cute. >.>

I can totally sympathize with the job search thing. So much waiting and not knowing.

The right one will come along, though. *hugs*

Job hunting is an exercise in frustration...

You can do it! :) I will cross all available digits for you to encourage good luck...

Naps are always good...so are kittens ;)

I'm sure you'll find a nice job soon :) *fingers and toes crossed*

I hate applying for jobs...
I just turned in an application to be hostess at a TGI Friday's. After you turn in an application, it always helps to call and say thanks for considering you.

It lets them know that you are serious about the job ^-^

As much as I hate working, I hate doing nothing even more. When I first moved I was having trouble transferring from my old Target store to my new one here, and I just sat around and did nothing. I got bored and restless really quickly. So I completely understand the need for a job. Getting money isn't a bad thing, either. :D You'll find the right job eventually, hun. *hugs*

Also, you're reading Phoenix and Ashes? By Mercedes Lackey? I just finished that a few weeks ago! I'm reading The Wizard of London by her right now. <3

Ooh can you tell me really quickly which fairy tale that is based on? *really wants to read it and intends on hunting it down once I finish Phoenix and Ashes*

It's actually based on The Snow Queen. Just from the title I thought maybe it was The Wizard of Oz (even though that's not really a fairy tale; maybe wishful thinking on my part? XD) but one of the reviews in the beginning said that it was "loosely based on The Snow Queen". I don't know the story of The Snow Queen as well as the others, but just now I've gotten to a part in the story that makes it incredibly obvious that that is definitely the fairy tale it's based off of.

I'd definitely recommend it, I'm really enjoying it. :D

It's nice to raise a cat from a kitten. You get to see their personalities evolve as they grow. I got to reaise two cats of my own. It's a shame I can't have them with me at the moment since the people I live with are alergic to them and plus they say "Cats are mean". That pisses me off but anyway...Good luck with the job and getting a furball to cut your hands up.

Ahahah yeah, I know.. the people that you live with sound like -real- winners. *coughs*

Don't worry, you'll find a job soon enough. Don't give up!^^

I wish I have kitty too, if only I am not asthmatic. D:

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