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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Really uncomfortable dreams I woke up from, they involved shuufish and pimp_kitten, in the dream I went off in a jealous rage and holed myself up in the bathroom. (they were kissing) I forgot I had a jealous side, but sometimes it rears up in fabulous ways and kicks me in the head in order to announce it's presence. In my dream Texas Cattle Co. started selling sushi and I was trying to get a job there.. the boss was really impressed by me and gave me an interview on the spot. And also in the dream, Alexi was trying to clean Uncle Joel's bedroom from the old house that I lived in when I was a child. *Joel's room was usually a disaster*

Though the best thing is that it was a dream. Because I don't think it'd be pleasant to be jealous of Alexi, seriously.

Now I am woken up, slapped mousse in my hair and I've made a mental note to grab a soda before I go in to the college employment testing.

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I cannot imagine what put that into your dream. But you may rest assured that if I ever did try to kiss Mish, she would probably bite my lips off. ;)


Did you start working there already?

No, it was just some battery tests and the whatnot.. I'm still looking for jobs. *bleahs*

*nods* Keep me posted, and let me know when you start getting insurance bills.

I had a daydream yesterday of the guy from Code Geas and the guy from Get Backers having a mental duel.

For some reason, I had a scary dream last night and woke up seating pretty much like if I was in a soccer field. I have spent the entire day really in a bad mood (mostly because my head hurts) but I got some sleep like an hour or so ago.

0_o You should get a dream analysis book. That sounds odd, maybe it's subconsciencely(sp?) symbolic. It always freaks me out when stuff from my real life gets into my dreams. Hope the soda helps shake it off, ha ha ^__~

Hyu-chan has very interesting dreams...Moto is getting ideas...I SHALL MAKE A BOOK ABOUT YOUR DREAMS, HYU-CHAN! X3! I shall go think of a title and once I'm done being lazy, I'll begin the book. Hoocha! (That'll be like in a year 'cause I still need to finish high school. xD)

Good luck at the college employment testing! -hugs-

Why would a place that sells beef in the middle of a desert want to sell sushi? That's dreams for you. No more getting jelous my dear. People are always willing to make out with you if you just ask them XD.

Good luck with everything. *hugs*

Nothing against Alexi, but he's a boy and all that. I suppose I have enough of that in my life *hugs* Sorry I didn't see this yesterday.

Yay! I'm a girl *tackles* And I knew you wouldn't do anything like that.. so that is why it didn't follow me throughout the day, because it was just a dream and I know you pretty well in that regards.

Yup! Dreams are weird sometimes.. I hope tonights dreams are better.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no I'm nooooooooooooooot!

I'm a girl! *sniff*

stupid penis

*pets* Physiology is a bitch.

As is picking the wrong icon. :P The last comment of mine was supposed to have this one.

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