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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Traveling, I only stop at exits~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

My newest Byakuya icon, taken from the song that I've been really listening to on repeat. I actually saw it on VH1 and it's by Nelly Futardo. Really it's a catchy song and well as I was staring at the base, deciding that I needed a Byakuya icon, I intellectualized this.. and then it just pieced together into something that was nice. Of course now that I have all recent icons loaded up to soylent_icons, I feel like I can make more icons now. YAY! (not to mention that next Soylent Update I am going to see if I can rig up a Death Note section. Just one more icon and Death Note will have enough to have it's own section.. already phased all the DN icons out of the Misc section and replaced them with new misc icons.)

It's actually cooler here, which is nice because it's been unbelievably hot. yay, humidity. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up another application. (I read the classifieds tonight and saw that they were hiring somewhere else in the Sault so I need to get on that) and well it's been a pretty okay day. Talked to some people on Yahoo!Messanger. (seriously I forgot I had that.. since I rarely use it anymore.. but it's nice to use it.) and did some cleaning which made me feel productive for the moment. Now I'm just chilling and surfing the net.

So how is everyone doing? *tilts* Everyone having a good weekend?

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I didn't get totally sunburned. :D

On a lake to kayak. Last time I did that my legs looked like cooked lobsters (hence I was wearing pants for my entire trip to Washington DC last year).

Ouch, well hopefully you used sunblock?

Yeah, this time. Luckily I learned from having lobster legs. ;)

I got sunburned when I was a child, and it was of very painful and enough to compell me to slather it on me.. because I hated the pain that was entailed.

My weekends shot. It's a working weekend. Hope you have a better one. Good luck on the job hunt.

Hope everything goes well with the applications.

My weekend's been pretty crappy so far. Nearly got into a car accident on a trip to my hometown, cause of some stupid jerk changing lanes without signaling. *rolls eyes* And I've been babysitting, like usual.

I'm having a crappy weekend. But things should be looking somewhat up in a couple of days. Your icons make my days more tollerable :-)

Miss ya.

I had a good weekend! I spent it engaged in the completely unproductive act of writing Hyuga fanfic. Ahahahah. I owe myaru and it's getting carried away into a thirty-odd page behemoth in Word. XD

By the way, did you change your AIM screen name? I don't see you on any more. Still, good to see you're doing well!

well...my weekend's been oke so far :D

and Byakuya is totally ♥

I agree! My Rukia muse digs on him like there's no tomorrow. *thuds*

then I'd say...good for her :P

oh and thanks for adding ^_^

Do you like close to the Sault now? My grandmother lives up there, I absolutely love it~ ♥ I miss going up there every few years, I wish I could live there ^-^

(Screened comment)
Oh I am le jealous! My father grew up there and I always loved going to visit, of course I haven't been there in nearly 7 years now... :I

Hopefully I'll be able to soon! I've been talking to mum about visiting sometime when we have money ^-^;

Easterday street? Hm... that's right by the locks, isn't it?

Yup, that it is. It sort of runs parallel to them almost, from where I am, you go down easterday, turn right and then you are across a bridge and very close to where the locks are.

Yay I remember!

We used to eat at the West Pier Drive-In and go sit out on the grass by the locks and try to ward off the seagulls x3

The fact that you did cleaning and were generally productive makes me ashamed of the fact that I've been sat on my butt doing nothing all day long.

Well considering that I'm somewhat older, it's expected that I be productive for at least a little while..

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