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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~More then a Party~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So I got hooked on a TV show, well I got hooked on it last week but it's a really fun show and it appears on BBC America. It is a show where two really awesome british women come in, go over Britian's filthiest houses, chastise the owners and then show them how to clean it and keep it clean. And seriously with the disorganization in both myself and pimp_kitten's household, it made me realize that our clutter was NOTHING. I mean we're talking feces of mice and stuff like that.. it is just gross but very much like a trainwreck where you can't look away.

I have a new Umeda/Akiha icon which I'm extremely proud of. *refer to icon that is displayed now* and I put in two applications today. Tomorrow I get my hair cut. *gasp* *okay people, if you are wondering if you heard this right.. you are* my reasoning is that Midori is going to learn to grasp.. shuufish already cut her hair, and so now it's my turn. I'm going to tell them that I don't want it totally short, but I do want it short and perhaps layered so that it frames my face, I don't know though. (because I'll be damned if anyone calls me butch.. no no no no NO!) So this is my last night in a long time with my hair.. but I'm going to ask her to show me how to style it in a way that is nice and which takes very little effort. I doubt I'll put up pictures with my new short hair, because I'm adverse to cameras.. because AHAHAHA I'd probably break them. *no, I just don't take good pictures, I am of the firm believe that everyone looks better in motion and under semi-natural non-flashed light.

Also after I get my hair cut, myself and Mish are going to go and pick up some hair dye and then attack my hair with it. Man the only thing I'm worried about I guess is that it'll look good. But a change is good and it's almost like chopping down the tree to promote new growth, and I am fully aware that my ends are a mess.

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What is your hair color and what color will you dye your hair?

Well it's black *with blonde roots* so it's going to go back to full black.. which I'm more comfortale with and which suits my skin tone.

I think darker hair suits better. I know I'll look bad with light hair color.

But I had a friend that looked good with black hair and blonde roots. She looked really good.

Well this isn't like platinum roots.. this is blonde that is two steps from dirty blonde.. and it just looks awkward to me.

I see nothing wrong with having short hair and not wanting to take pictures of it. I cut off all of my hair several months ago and I still have yet to take a picture of it. I hope things work out with your hair though.

I know the show you're talking about with the two british wemon going into American's houses just to be grossed out by the living conditions. It's been in the states for some years now and I still can't watch it from all of the nastiness that some people can live in. I'll admit that before I moved from home that I wasn't the cleanest person and netheir was my mom but we never had that kind of condition that those two brave souls venture into. It's just down right not right.

I'm glad you're doing fine since the move.

Aww, Nia, you'll look wonderful and adorable with your hair layered. ^_^

Although it confuses my stylist-fond brain why you'd ever want to dye your hair yourself; when I used to dye mine, I always went to the stylist to have it done for me and I found it ever so much more convenient for everybody involved. Except my mom, who was paying the twenty dollars plus five for a tip, but whatevs. **beams** Now, I don't let anyone touch my hair without firmly establishing that no more than an inch can come off at a time. I'm adamant about this. My goal is to never cut my hair again - trim it, but NO cuts - for the rest of my life.

Those women would've had a field day and a fit with my room when I was still hoarding like mad. Three feet of stuff! No path through it, just a lower concentration of rubbish on the floor! Almost fourteen black garbage bags worth of it! Fortunately, it was messy, not dirty - no food, no pests, no filth.

So yeah, they should've seen the before/after photographs.

=/ I had a salon chick do my hair once, wanted it layered .. someone said something about 'feathering' wtfever that was at the time... and she totally ruined it. I looked like a little angry butch when it was all over. My hair had been down to the backs of my knees at the time, and granted I was young, but that was still a few feet! I was so distraught. I hate having my hair cut.

Or did, until recently anyway. ^-^ Me and my sis cut my hair to this really choppy, anime boy style. XD I say anime boy because I don't wanna say 'emo boy'. >.> I like it, it's really nice. I can wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth sleepily in front of the bathroom mirror, and in two minutes it's freaking dry.. And all I have to do is run my hand through it, and it looks like I've brushed it. Even feels like it sometimes. The most simple style I've ever had, really. o.O Dyed it black, though my red-brown natural crap is showing through again, so I might dye it again sometime soon. Either black, or some insane colour.. wish I lived in Gainesville though, then odd hair colors would be acceptable. =3

*loves Odd*

In any case.. good luck with that. I hate cameras too (even if I do have pictures up here and there on the 'net), so no hard feelings about not taking any of your soon to be new short hair. XD

And.. =/ @ the dirty house things. I've seen really bad places that I don't even wanna type about because it would make me retch at the memory. I hate that crap. *a real obsessive person when it comes to clutter vs. filth. can't stand filth, but organized clutter is okay~~*

Is it "How clean is your house" by any chance?
I love Kim. She is a fabulous woman and so funny.

Yes that is the show! I wasn't sure what it was called.. but YAY it's such a great show. They are so cool that'd I'd definitely go out and have drinks with them. >.>

"How Clean Is Your House?" With Kim and Aggie? XDD I love that show XD Some of the houses are just shocking, lol. Have you seen the one with the book/crossword lady yet? Or the surfer? XD

Clean freak British woman 0_o Think my mom used to watch that. Now she watches the ones with British women coming in to tell you how to fix your evil children. Mua ha ha.

Hair dye....o0o0o....I vouch for dark blond! Or Purple!

I love how I'm English and never bothered watching it :3 I always see ads of it, though, with the women wandering around screaming as they find the various infestations of animals, insects and lord knows what else with their beautiful marigolds on.

It probably will look very nice ^^; There are only a few psycho hairdressers who will completely ignore your instructions and cut your hair however they want. The rest are pretty good.

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