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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~I'd die if you call my name..~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I've been accused of doing this many many times but you know, there's something extremely up in arms about someone who posts a comment with an icon that is the complete antithesis of the pairing that you are rambling about in your journal. Granted I've nothing against Lavi/Kanda.. it's just not my cup of tea.. but it's amusing to see someone comment using an icon of the anti-thesis pairing. Now I've been known to do that on the HanaKimi community, but really that was to illustrate the point that I didn't do Umeda/Ryouichi icons.. and therefore I used an Akiha/Umeda icon to suitably convey this. (and a few instances involving Bart/Sigurd icons.. but everyone on my flist should be aware of exactly -how- I feel about Bart/Sigurd.)

Oh internets, how I love you. There is just some magical button where one person mentions pairings and then person comes in with subtle clues that go "and this is my opinion of this!" and then all I have to go is.. "SO WHAT IS YOUR THOUGHTS ON YURI".

No I wasn't asking your thoughts on Kanda/Lavi.. SERIOUSLY.

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well...my opinion is...

...just kidding ^.^

Ahahahahaha.. D.. *randomly glomps onto your icon* I love D to death.

He is adorable and delicious...

Yeah, I'd eat him up.. he's damn attractive for a guy.

Almost to pretty to be allowed O.O

Ha ha ha. First LJ laugh of the day. Nice ^__^


>.> Kidding, but not.

And I admit to shamefully plugging in an icon to totally bash a situation/topic/idea/entry. *shifty eyes*


And I always Lulz when I see your CockBlock icon. ^_~

Yes, it's my favorite.. Poor Akiha will always be cockblock for Umeda, and that is what is truly precious. He never got any ass once Akiha came back into his life which leads me to believe that Akiha probably chased them all away with casual threats dropped.


the internet is so weird. xD;

-clings to the bliss of her DS- The only things that bad mouth you are your rivals in the game. xD;

Oh it's so entirely related to fandom.. so no worries. I'll have a much more personal post coming in a few.. I promise!

That's because the internet is serious fucking business. That, or people are just crazy. Personally, I think it's a mix of both.

On a totally unrelated note, go check out solarisknight, you. I have something you might like posted there, and it's being updated pretty regularly.

That's sort of similar to when I was talking to this person who ships Byakuya/Renji and I told them that I liked Byakuya/Rukia (a het ship omg) and suddenly I wasn't appropriate to talk to because I LIKED THE GIRL/MALE too. *coughs*asstards*coughs* people can be such fucking hypocrites. I could of gone on and on to the girl about how I hated rival slash, but she probably would of flamed me.

Sadly, I find much of various fandoms to be just as intolerant and petty. I like the canon pairings, myself. Gasp. Yes, I know. It's so difficult for the crazy fangirls to wrap their little pea brains around.

Rrrr. e_e

Well I usually pick and take with canon pairings. Some canon pairings I really like.. even adore.. some of them I am sort of ambiviliant too.. but I don't expect to be flamed for it. That is why both sides are really asshatty.. both the pro-yaoi and anti-yaoi.

Yeah. This is why I avoid most fandoms on general principle. Not to generalize, but much of the time, people have a hard time keeping their opinions civil. And if they can't be civil, then they can't keep it to themselves, either.

"To each his own," I tend to say, but nobody seems to remember what that phrase means any more. Oh, well. At least there's sane folks out there like you. You might like a wide variety of things that might contradict with other fans, but I have to hand it to you — you're very, very cool about it and I really respect that a lot. ^^

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