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~There'll be spandex jackets.. one for everyone~

First of all.. my hot Komui/Cross icon. It was rough lineart, I mean REALLY rough lineart that is really hard to colour in (I hate lineart that isn't organized straight from manga and cleaned up) but this one, I just needed this icon because quite honestly it's nice (and a pairing that I thoroughly endorsed) and it has some really hot tongue. I'm so far failing in my quest for Lavi/Crowley porn, but I have pages to go, and if I find even ONE art of them bumping uglies, I can suitably say that I'll be happy. *coughs* But for now, enjoy the hot Komui/Cross tongue action.

So how is everyone else? I'm fine, just been posting over to Greatestjournal alot. Evidentally I'm going to be giving birth to the anti-christ. (according to shuufish). So if anyone wants to send birth gifts, just keep in mind that I will be accepting no weapons of mass destruction, alright!
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