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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I'm here in Michigan, safe and sound. The drive was long and certainly eventful but all that matters is that I got here safely. I'm tired, very tired.. a little bit sad *but only because I had -just- read Alexi's post which definitely made me sniffle* but I got to see Mish, Todd and little Midori.. and Twister, Dixie and Prim. I unpacked most of my stuff from the car. *with the exception of the trunk which I am waaaaaaaay too exhausted to handle right now* I have my computer set up and well that's about it. Thank you all for your well wishes and 'be safes', I very much appreciate it.

So has LJ offered any sort of reconstitution or the whatnot? I mean as it is I'm still going to be posting alot over at GJ for obvious reasons, but still anything new happen along those lines?

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Yes, they admitted that they were in the wrong and would review the journals wrongfully deleted. I believe it's also still on the home page as an update, but I don't recall.

(And I'm glad you're at your new home safe and sound, Nia-san!)

(Deleted comment)

I'm glad you're there, and that you're trip went well.

Hi~~~ :] Glad you're alright!

I'm glad you got there safe! Have a good rest, alright?

Also, just to let you know I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU-KNOW-WHAT. It WILL be done sometime this week, come hell, high water, or deadlines. >=O

Yay okay! *tackles* I'm looking forward to it!

I'm glad you got there safely. *hugs*

Oh yeah, I added you on GJ. Same name as here.

ahahah your icon.. it's love! <3<3<3

Jin's such an otaku, really! XD

You know, when I played in at squenix_uni, he was definitely an otaku.. his room was a shrine to anime, and yet he still manage to have a social life. Oh college age Jin, how I love you.

Me 'n' Foxy have gone over to the GJ side as well. What's your journal name over there?

It's 'uzuki'. I got foxxie friended already but I don't think I have you.

^^ It's under the same name as this one, if you want to.

They offered an explanation on how they were fixing the problem.

How is Michigan's weather? One of my best friends live there and I can't wait to see him. (If I could find his family or where he lives now)

I would not have the energy to unpack after such a long drive, I always unpack by the end of the third day, I don't know why.

Anyway, I'm glad yo got there without problems and that you're enjoying your new home.

I'm thankful that you got there all right! ♥ Have a great time visiting with your "peeps," and get some rest, and eat good food. As we like to say back in Boise, ILY! ♥

ILU! *tackles* I miss you guys.. it's a shame we didn't have a last hurrah, but there will always be nexttime. (and I promise I will visit)

Ah I'm very glad you arrived all sagve and sound :)

I haven't really been keeping up after the post where they first apologised. Frankly, I still feel it's too little too late but they DID unsuspend a lot of the innocent comms and users. I believe there's been some uproar because 6A has decided that "interests" = "like".

Glad you made it there safe and sound.

So far I've seen LJ admiting to their mistakes and saying that they are going to rectfy the situation but I kinda lost track after that. Things should be going back to normal soon.

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