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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~The great LJ ASSHATTERY 2007~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Do I really have to say anything about the whole LJ Batshit Insane thingi? I mean what can I say that hasn't been said by just everyone. But like all net denizens, I absolutely must have a last word or so. And I think it's amusing. Of course there are alot of people that got fucked over, people who certainly didn't deserve it.. also it is going to cause everyone to be extra vigiliant. Of course, this amuse me for the fact that LJ thinks that baleeting things is going to actually -do- something about it. No, it isn't. The real predators, not those who are tripping along their merry fandom way, the real ones are going to figure out other ways of finangling themselves in past LJ's censors. Build a better mousetrap.. and the mouse gets smarter.

It did cause me delete shota from my user interests, because yes I had it listed. (And I'll admit I do like shota... but also realistically speaking.. NO ONE IN ANIME VERSE IS PORTRAYED IN A WAY THAT IS CONDUCIEVE OF THEIR AGE. All the sailor moon girls.. 13 or 14.. but you KNOW THEY LOOK LIKE 20 YEAR OLDS. That is why I find it laughable that this is happening.)

So anyways. Thoughts? Feelings? Rantings? Go ahead, I like a good stamping ground of discussion, seriously. Feel free to comment with whatever it is that you want to comment about, I'm seriously interested in anything involving this.. and I'm inherently curious as to what this is going to lead to.

Ohohoho icon.. irony.. *shot*

Edit: Going back through xenoqueers in order to f-lock some of my fics.. damn some of that stuff is good that I wrote.. but it still causes vomit to rise to my throat because of kurohyou.. ugh.

its a hoax. A big obnoxious hoax.

I really hate Christian Fundies.

Oh yes, me too.. me too.. *shakes head*

(Deleted comment)
Yeah I know.. but the fandom journals were a bit excessive by far.

I don't really know how the idea of "protecting kids" can justify breaking the first amendment of free speech. From what I've heard of this the group behind this is of questionable background. But just to be safe I changed my interest "girls" to "women" in case there's a backlash.

(Deleted comment)
Delete icons, delete interests, away with everything! They could find you!

I, too, am curious about how far is this going to go and if anyone will end up admitting they went about it the wrong way, for all their righteousness.

Witch hunts are fun, after all... until the witches rally against you. ;)

*hides my super-shota action figure underneath my bed next to mr.g.i.joe.. ohwait*


No, honestly. What asshattery occurred? I seem to have missed it.

In a predigested nutshell, that, basically, although you could easily waste an hour going through all those links.

jyuufish -- My take on it is that it's ricockulous, basically. They can make whatever rules they want about acceptability, it's their site...but nowhere in the ToS does it say journals can be deleted for including illegal interests (fuck, if that's the case, why do they even let you put them in? They could just ban those particular keywords...), and this thing where they *permanently suspend* violators without any notice or chance to remove the offending interests stinks to high heaven.

So smart of them to be doing this right before permaccounts go on sale...

Yeah, I removed shota from my interests too...that's really the only trigger word I can think of, unless they're also banning for yaoi or shounen ai. Probably should do something about my writing journal too, since I have a lot of unlocked twisted fic. WTF is with these Internet witch hunts by crusading jackasses who think it's their mission in life to impose their "morality" on other people? A similar thing happened to Hongfire, when some Interweb lawyer decided to get them shut down cause apparently loli offends him.

My personal opinion is to draw the line at art that actually involves real kids. Drawn is okay, in my opinion, I just don't like it. These guys frankly seem like self righteous bullies with a mission and threats to throw around, the worst type.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not going to remove yaoi from my interest, because if they ban me because of it.. Oh I'm going to kick up a stink, and then I'm going to leave.

I removed shota from my interest list, only to find out that now they're banning people with "offensive" icons as well. I can't wait to see what they ban people for next.

Just to be safe I changed my "girls" interest to "women" just so they don't get the wrong idea. This entire situation seems sketchier than the so-called predators.

I would like to meet the genius who decided they could deny the First Amendment as well as any set of rights from other nations (where is this group based, anyway?)

And are they just trolling through public entries or are they invading our privacy and going through friend-locked pages? This screams of a Inquisition.

What's going on!?!?!? I'm so lost!!!!

See the comments.. just a whole bunch of fandom communities were deleted because of 'pedophilia' due to the group Warriors for Innocence. (who deny having anything to do with it)

When I heard about this I instantly omitted shota from my profile and re checked my interest list. This situation is stupid especially from what I'm hearing, these people behind it sound very suspicious and I am beginning to wonder do they have the authority to do this *I'm talking about the ones who pressured Livejournal*.

Sadly what you posted before about the real predators is just ugh >.<. This is only helping the real predators to change their profiles and what not *which irks me*. I hope this situation dies down.

Yeah I know.. there is alot of not so innocent people who suddenly have the key that they need to low-key it.. which really sucks. And at the price of alot of innocent people. (because seriosuly who hasn't heard about this has probably just emmerged from their box)

I really agree that the true criminals will find other ways to abuse the system.

And EVERYONE KNOWS that anime characters don't look their age, in general, and it isn't perverted or weird to like or love them. The only time that they look very young is when they are babies/toddlers. I get so tired of these fundies and right wingers dictating everything that we are allowed to like, support, and partake in. It pisses me off.

I also wonder if these folks (resisted using other term) ever thought that maybe people with those interests might have actually been molested, raped, etc. and use the words to find support or advocate against it?

But obviously victims aren't as important as making sure the predators are allowed to go underground. D:

Seriously, I read the stuff on their site and it made me sick. They did everything wrong and actually admit it. Well, they don't admit it was wrong, but anyone with half a brain can read between the lines. Geh.

Not to mention cases like Junior from Xenosaga who is 24(or somewhere in that age range) and looks about 12-14. >_>;

Yeah, I think everyone needs to vent about this. I had to vent about the utter hypocrisy of the so called Warriors of Justice. They contradict themselves more than once. They even state that they themselves did nothing when finding cases of real pedophiles talking about actually doing pedo stuff. Instead of making proper authorities aware of those people they pressure LJ to make these guys go underground. I'm still seething about that. Way to undermine the hard work of people wanting to actually catch the bad guys.

*offers hell toasted marshmallows*

This just makes me snicker.. this whole situation.. MMM MARSHMELLOWS!

I'm torn between deleting some of my icons or just keeping them. This is just steadily pissing me off.