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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~In need of more testimonials~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

I need some new testimonials since I've cleaned it up. So leave me a testimonial in this entry.. and if you ever need a testimonial for yourself.. just come and bug me and I'll give you one. >.>

On a very happy note.. my Jin to Ukitake journal conversion is complete. I now have a Ukitake-centric journal.. from my Main Page to the Userinfo. Woot!

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(Deleted comment)
I love testimonials that are silly and yet touching! I give it my stamp of approval *stamps you with cookies*

Hyujin = the internets
For a while, I just read her fanfiction and became her fangirl, then when I made my own journal and she started talking to me, I squeed.
She'll make you ALL SQUEE.

You know, you have the distinct honour of being my first fangirl.. which makes me all wibbly. *you could so own my fanclub yes/no?*

Yes, I shall!
I'm actually fangirling people other than fictional characters now.
You, Johnny Yong Bosch(the voice of various anime characters and a singer), and Iam O'Brien (the slightly famous among fans as Dist from Tales of the Abyss)
My newly found Dist obsession is tragic. D:
I can't do anything on the internet without wanting to see or hear something about the guy...

(Deleted comment)
Hyujin is the perfect Uki fix on a dull day <3

(and that avatar/picture is made of such infinate wins....lol)

You should see shuufish's matching userinfo as well as her layout. (since I do all things with my twinstar and she's my Shunsui. Teehee)

Behind every great Ukitake is a Shunsui that makes sure he doesn't run out of snacks.

True, true.
san_toki is mine <3
(Though oddly enough, our Kisuke is the really main candy provider, since he enjoys seeing sugar-hyped Jyuu. XD)

Hyujin is like the crack dealer for icon addicts.

(throw me one willya?)

Oh, by the way...here's the actual reaction from me when Hyujin first spoke to me...


*ahem* I mean...I um uh I love your fanfiction and it was from reading live journals like yours that ispired me to start. Oh dear oh dear oh dear....<*blush,twitch,fallover*

You know, if only I could claim my fanfiction to be any good *sweatdrops* I mean all the stuff that you were fangirling wasn't my best stuff.. *pets* But really it's so sweet. *gives you tons of Sig/Hyu cookies*

Since my testimonal is a warning, I thought it would be fun to add another warning every time you get new testimonals.

Nia WILL be you dictator. Have your armband ready.

behind every dictator, is a hot woman in a fabulous dress

teehee.. but these are your testimonials

But you deserve testimonails too, love-bunny!

I could ask for them, but I don't think anyone would but you would actually write them for me. I also suspect they would read like my high school year book, which all read "Stay Sweet". *snerks*

But then you'd get the page long yearbook entry from me that lists all of the inside jokes and is incredibly meaningful.

That true.. I may consider collecting them soonish it would be worth it to see what you write.

With Huyjin in my life, every day has been a new, fangirling experience! You'll never be bored after you friend her~

The muses who have other personas involved with you say hi, by the way XD

I'm not gonna lie, Hyujin is a pretty big deal. She makes amazing icons and ships basically the best pairings ever.

Hyujin is one of the first friends I had in Livejournal.

Hyujin made my favorite Avatar.

Hyujin gave me a couple of great songs.

Hyujin love Xenogears/Xenosaga.

What else can I say...

Hyujin is unique and special.

jyuufish is my favorite pedophile. :D

Oh wait. I forgot I can't say that anymore because I might be encouraging pedophilia and raep tiem now. :/

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