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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Friending Meme of a different sort~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Comment here with just a random fact about yourself and I will respond with someone on my flist that you would get along well with. Call it friendship match making! Do you want to try your luck.. come on, I dare you! *and feel free to take this meme for your own journal so that maybe I can find a match on your flist*

I would love to decorate wedding cakes some day.

I think you'd really like shiome, she's very interesting, she enjoys the crack and wherever she walks sparkles seriously appear.. SERIOUSLY!

Great art, and just an outright awesome person, I choose shahni for you. I am never bored by her fannish squees or arts

Uh...I get hyperactive easily and chatter about inane stuff a lot?

lilac_breeze, one of the sweetest on my flist, so much that I just want to hug her, and you both share alot of fandoms and loves. Everyone should take her home!

RELEVANT FACT: Although I love CAPSLOCK and yelling out stupidly, I hate it when people who are actually stupid act this way.

IRRELEVANT: I'm terrified of vacuums.

miang, her Phoenix Wright ramblings are amusing, not to mention I consider her a very sane and yet fun fangirl. The type that everyone needs on their flist.

I read terrible fanfic in my free time and sometimes come across really weird pairings or fandoms that I end up loving. (For example, yesterday I found the m/m slash in the Baby-Sitters Club fandom. DELICIOUS. And yet I'm pretty sure it makes me a terrible person :D)

katimus_prime, she's an old school gamer like you, hideously intelligent and always very awesome. She's also sane, and that's a plus.

*and it's okay, I've read some BBC fanfiction.. so I guess I'm going to hell too*

(Deleted comment)
kyoujaku, I've known her back from my Squenix days, and she was one of the few that didn't delete me over the blow up. Smam is truly made of win and awesome and I'll adore her forever!

(Deleted comment)
von_questenberg. Words can't describe how awesome I think this woman is and I can't wait to meet her this Christmas when I go down to Chattanooga. Really she's a worthy addition to any f-list.. and she shares alot of your interests.

I always, ALWAYS thank bus drivers when I get off the bus and store clerks when I buy something. Often to store clerks, I will say: "Domo arigatou, Mr. Roboto.".

tinrobo, She actually added me for the same reason that I added you. Xenogears. And while I know you're not into that fandom precisely anymore, she does post alot of real yummy fanart involving the Xeno guys.

I...am severly sadistic, yet I despise pain when inflicted on myself.

bunniesbunnies, just because she is cute and squeey without being annoying, and that's always a plus on everyone's flist.

*tries to think of a random fact you don't know* I fitted a bridesmaids dress this morning. I need some new friends.

Okay, I know it's wrong to suggest a person twice, but I'm going with tinrobo, she's definitely an awesome addition to my flist, and you know that I only suggest people that I KNOW you'd get along with.

*blushes* Aww, Hyu, I'm so touched by what you said about me! You're so sweet. *hugs* <3

Anyway, random fact that isn't already obvious about me... uhm... let's see. I can't sleep without music playing. In fact, if given the choice, I'll always have music playing, no matter what I'm doing. Unless it's watching TV or playing a video game, 'cause that has music of it's own.

draiol, because she loves Ukitake (and ShunUki) just as much as you (and I) do. >.>

I want to sell my simple anime art at a convention/deviantArt or both one day.

spleen, because she's all sorts of love.. and she managed to intrique me into several different fandoms with her posts.. so really she's like a parasite (though I promise, she's a good one!)

I collected stuffed animals and currently I have hardly any room in my bedroom - they're kind of taking over the place ^_^;

chasingthewinds, I actually friended her because of the Yami no Matsuei fandom. That was way back when I actually participated in it.. but still she's an excellent addition to any flist.

I have a fetish for feathers, wings, and anything supernatural. Normality is boring. :D

that is why we are such a totally awesome match, gentle wing

pimp_kitten.. because I'd only introduce to to someone mutually special to me. (And he's a friend whore and needs more) Oh yes did I mention he's a female in a man's body.

I notice there are a lot of responses, so I understand if you don't get to this one...


I have a newly found addiction to Tales of the Abyss. >.>
Especially Dist, that insane villain whom is my new icon.

Well let's see, I think that as far as matches go, you'd go well with mistressatma, to me you two have the same type of energy as wierd as that seems.