Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So anyways I officially suck because we (mainly I) didn't specify a time to actually go and do things. So at any rate because of that I'm going to offer to my lovely duokinneas (even though I really do want to visit with her and the girls before I leave) the thing that I promised her friday night. Yes that is right, the ENGLISH VERSION OF DRAGONSTEA DIN TEI.

The English Version of that damned catchy song. You know you want it, Talyn.. your uke-whore soul cries out for yet. Y/N? amirite? CLICK CLICK AND EXPIRIENCE THE CRACK!

If you guys can meet me any time of the week that isn't thursday, then see if you can.. if not then I understand. (thursday is the day that is sold to Alexi)
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