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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~More about HanaKimi and random glee~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So anyways a few people on my flist brought up the whole question, "The sad thing is that there are going to be people who watch the japanese drama and not give the Hua Yang (HanaKimi) a chance because they are too intent on the j-drama for the cast". You know my response to this?

Fuck them. I mean if it is true that the company is taking all sorts of of liberties with the drama, then seriously anyone who is going to prefer the J-drama over the T-drama (and Manga) are really no fans of the series at all. All I've seen in that HanaKimi post is that there is a bunch of fantardish name-dropping. That is all. (And seriously I only know the actor names for the T-drama one because of such people as mistressalissa who is on my flist). The people who -really- care about the story, care about what is right -will- give the T-drama a chance (either that or write someone BEGGING for an anime.. come on that would be so fucking awesome).

So I'm going to watch it, and if I deem it any good, I WILL retract everything I said, but once again there are standards that I have in regards to this and I won't sway from my standards. And I still maintain the fact that Umeda being gay -is- a plotpoint, because that is how he becomes her advisor in the first place, he senses her because he has a thing for sensing women, since he is gay and evidentally gay men can tell if it's a boy or just a girl in drag.

Oh a cheerful note! MY LAST DAY OF WORK TODAY! *squees* *dances*

Everything and anything could go wrong today and I wouldn't care.. because IT IS MY LAST DAY! AHAHAH

Oh yes and I've decided that unless anyone else has.. I want to be the first one to write a Dorothy/Ozma fic. Because that's just hot.. really it is. So I'm going to spend my LAST DAY OF WORK thinking of Ozma/Dorothy smut. (once again.. soooo going to hell) And Dorothy -is- Ozma's favorite and all, even says so in the books. I realize I'll be breaking a few brains, but that's alright! I HAVE A DUSTPAN!

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there are so many people who will just watch it for Shun/Toma and think it's a great drama. and i hate them all.

I'll probably be much happier with the T-drama. Heck, it came first and is sticking rather close to the manga as well, so yay. :D

I'll watch the J-drama, yes, but I'll probably end up comparing it to the T-drama the whole way through and probably not enjoy it. I'm so used to the Chinese names already anyway so I'll probably end up getting confused while watching the J-drama.

Sara's already told me that I'm gonna have to go through and let her know who's who because she's only ever seen the T-drama and is used to it being Ru Xi, Quan and Xiu Yi and not Mizuki, Sano and Nakatsu. :D

Oh well. I'm already very satisfied with the T-drama as is.

At the end of the day, no matter what the Hana Kimi manga will be at the top of the list for me.

The T-drama...eh....well.
I don't like it. I couldn't stand the actors.
I gave it a chance, and i just didn't want anymore.

I hope this doesn't offend you, but i respect the fact that we have different interests, and i won't ever judge you for liking something i don't like, and i only hope you'll see the same _-_

Of course. And I agree with you completely, I mean I don't look down on you.. I mean I liked the T-drama.. just because all the characters clicked for me, but ultimately I think that it should be about the manga. I was just saying for all the people that jumped on the bandwagon because of the actors and not because of the story.. you know.

Ahhh, I missed this entry XD;

I like how some of the actors look(though none will ever look like the characters in the manga...ever) but I'm not looking too much into it. I loved the manga when it first came out and still do =3 Thus why I'd rather see an anime, but a drama doesn't sound so bad to me. The story is more realistic than something like, say, Naruto or Kingdom Hearts. I love fantasy, don't get me wrong, but stories like Hana Kimi don't look so corny as dramas. Imho, anyways.

I'm still used to the japanese names but I was able to figure out which character was who on the bit of the T-drama that I watched. =D Though it seems wierd, the characters are brought to life with their own style! I like it. Too bad I can't find any videos with english subtitles though ;_;

Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you something. If you don't want to answer, then I'd understand. How many dramas out there are based on manga or anime? I've only ever heard of musicals and movies, but not dramas...then again, I don't actively search for them as I don't really watch them. Most of the themes I'd seen for them are just about sex, cheating and fifty family members(or friends) get put into the hospital...

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