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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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~Akiha as a girl.. maybe?~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
this could be potentially made of FAIL

Holy batshit. Akiha is being played by a girl in the J-drama. This baffles me and I'm wondering if she's going to -be- girl Akiha or if she's going to crossdress as a male. This is interesting. (If they turn Umeda straight, I will be VERY disappointed.) She was in Takarzuka, however she played female roles, so once again the jury is out on this. I may be running back to the Taiwanese Drama in order to cry and sob hysterically in it's arms.. but I'll still watch the J-drama because sometimes I like pain.

Also looking at the picture of the Umeda actor, I can't feel it.. but then I couldn't feel the actor for Mei Tian -before- I saw him in action and saw how perfect he was for the role.

When it comes down to it, it's going to be one of those instances where I may very well be disappointed.. after all I like all of the casting for the HanaKimi T-drama... and it has the ability to make me laugh hysterically. I hope that the J-drama exceeds my expectations, but once again I'm not holding my breath.

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A CHICK??????

omg if they make the Mei Tian character straight i will KILL ALL OF JAPAN.

this drama just keeps pissing me off more and more. fuck japan. i hate you.

I know, right?

Well the picture of the guy set to play Umeda.. he looks kinda.. dowdy.. he doesn't look like he has nearly as much panache as Umeda is SUPPOSED to have.

where have you seen their pics???

I linked to the entry.. and if you need a picture of the person who plays Akiha, just type in her name.. google it. You'll find a picture. But the rest are wiki'd or something on the entry

how can they make that character a chick??? what the hell is their problem??? isn't it bad enough Toma is going to try and fill Jiro's shoes, and that Maki needs to go back to being the scary depressed girl from Nobuta for people to like her.

I don't know.. it confuses the hell out of me.

I wish they would of failed this project and made an anime..hell I'm still hoping that Japan redeems itself and picks up HanaKimi to become an anime.

YES! and anime i would watch!! but live action... no.

and they just want it to be another Hana Yori Dango, $5947856324856 says that's why Shun's in there.

japan, you fail. taiwan should bitch smack you all over.

(haha whatch i end up loving the damn drama... but i doubt it. >.O)

I'm going to watch it.. and if I like it, I will retract all my comments.. but I have high standards after watching how loveable and adorable the T-drama was.

. . .

Oh Japan. Why do you try to make me hurt?

I so knew you were going to bite.. seriously I did. why is it that we can never have nice things.. it must be all the buttsecks *cries*

I mean, scheiß, I trolled when they first announced the official site launch but. Augh.

I think the worst of it is that I /know/ Nakajo-Sensei is likely clawing (in that polite Japanese way) at someone's throat for it all. - -; If it makes the fanbase collectively boil up in MANGRY WAGE, then I'm sure she's not too pleased with seeing such liberties taken with her stuffs.

Yeah I know.. see I don't even know, I don't have enough information. I mean way to potentially bastardize the story and characters.

Yes she probably is. I remember how Clamp was up in arms against beetrains bastardization of Tsubasa.

I still hope to see it made into a full Anime, and with how others like Great Teacher Onizuka and NANA have spawned several series/movies of their own, there's hope indeed.

The change of Akiha to a female character makes me worried, though, for some other canonical continuity points that might run into discrepancy. Mainly, Nakatsu - if they changed Akiha into a woman, what's to say that they won't trivialize a lot of Nakatsu's inner turmoil over falling in love with Mizuki who he thinks is a guy? I'd hate to see that dismissed, but the Japanese can sugar-coat it and get away with some brushed off plotline that will downplay so much of what complicates those character relationships.

Arrg, it makes me blood boil, it does! >:/

... how could I not bite - I have to fight when it comes to my Dear HanaKimi! ( Didn't I demand you read it in the first place? ^^; )

Yes you did and that is EXACTLY why I knew you'd bite upon this post and tell me exactly what you thought. The best thing about HanaKimi -is- the complexity and inner turmoil.. I don't know what to think or expect. And I don't see how the gender switch could go well at all. That's a serious WTF moment (and yes if they take liberties with something major like that, you know that they are going to think that they can change 'other' things.)

I'll certainly still be watching it, but I can't say that I'll respect the series as much with those sorts of changes in place. Certainly, the message accomplished will manage to be similar, but knowing right off that such changes are made acts to cheapen a lot of what the manga aimed to accomplish.

Half the point was that it's /ok/ to fall in love - it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl.

Argh. I can only think, "Maybe they made a mistake in the cast listing and she's for Ebi instead..."



If they make Umeda straight, someone gonna get-a hurt real bad. D:

Like...bad hurt.

They let him be gay in Taiwan, so they'd better not make him straight...


Umeda being gay is practically a plot point.. it is the whole reason he knew Mizuki was a girl in the first place.. because he's sensitive toward women.

Exactly! D:

They can't change things. That's just...

It doesn't compute.

Gah, the actor for Umeda looks so... old. >_< I can't really imagine him as Umeda, and why the hell is Akiha going to be gender-switched? That's just...full of mighty crappage. UMEDA IS GAY, PEOPLE! If they change the story to make Umeda straight, they might just change other things as well (what exactly, I don't know, but they could).

Yeah, I see that now. XD lol

changing genders to avoid GAY is pretty dumb but I don't know what show you're talking about really so I can't really comment usefully.

what I would really like to say

is that Takarazuka makes me happy.

in my pants.

there was this one on youtube with two of the girls dressed as boys dancing together and then they kind of sort of kiss and it was sexually confusing but that is also what made it great.


the end.

(Deleted comment)
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