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Firstly an Icon Drop for pimp_kitten. Our first matching icons. (because we're wierd like that)

Bad Longcat. Per 4chan fame. Of course I got his nemisis.. good!longcat who wants to revolutionize the world and fill it with angel!kitties and marshmellows, and pineapple. It's a battle to the death I tell you!


Next on the subject list. HANAKIMI. Yes, I found out *actually yesterday* that they are making a J-drama. We can of course only hope that 1.) it turns into an anime soon and 2.) Umeda and Akiha are uberly hot. It makes me realize that I need more icon slots. (plz LJ to be giving me more icons tiem). I'll still watch it, because HanaKimi is an obsession with me, and I hope hope hope that their Umeda makes me squeal as much as Mei Tian does. *crosses fingers* Because in episode 11 he was absolutely EVIL. (There are several icons I want of him in episode 11 which of course makes me want more icons since I CANNOT DELETE ANY)
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