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~The Three Incarnations of Hyuga Ricdeau~

I've done -alot- of Xeno-rping, and I do enjoy it. Alot. The thing with RPing though is that RPing begets more and more characters, especially in the Xenogears fandom. The thing with Xenogears, the really strong theme is of course 'reincarnation'. The fact that you've probably been born or have existed by other people in your life. Not to mention the people with the particular ring in their cycle usually makes them a prime canidate for reincarnation (See the study in Krelian's lab..)

So I took the liberty of creating OCs of Hyuga Ricdeau's incarnations. Two really. One to cover the eras in which other reincarnations popped up, both Nisan and Zeboiem.

Mathias Jaevyn and Jeriah Leontes. They've existed for a LONG time but they've recently gotten their pinacle of character development. The incarnations -are- different, save for the eyes.. the eyes are always that deep dark brown and they are always extremely intelligent. But such things as hair colour and temperment are key differences. (I don't just want to play a Hyuga-clone, I wanted to develop characters that stood on their own away from Hyuga as well as together with him). Oh yes, and they are always advisors to Emperor Cain, *because let's face it, Emperor Cain is love*

I'll start with Jeriah first, he's not the first incarnation made, but he is the older one. He existed in the Zeboiem era and he was Emperor Cain's personal assistant. Now Jeriah suffers from chronic shyness, it was because his parentage was fairly uncertain, his mother was solarian but his father wasn't evidentally.. and he caught the slings and arrows of it. But it was just because he was shy anyways, that made it worse. Cain took him in because of seeing a few drawings and prototypes of gears and decided that he had to have Jeriah as his assistant. So Jeriah became the first 'unofficial' Guardian Angel of Solaris. He was sent to Zeboiem as a spy essentially so that he could see what Zeboiem was up to. He actually didn't have a big position, he was a Lab assistant in the Laboratory that Kim worked. He didn't have access at first to all the stuff that Kim and his partner was working on, but eventually because he was so 'unassuming', he was granted privledges. Eventually Emperor Cain decided to bomb Zeboiem, he tried to get Jeriah to do it. Jeriah gave everyone warning but then Emperor Cain told him to push the button earlier. Jeriah was torn and was forced to pull the trigger, and then minutes later he crashed his own vehicle.. couldn't live with what he had done. (Jeriah's not the emotionally strong one of the trio)

Mathias Jaevyn. Otherwise known as Mat (a nickname that Roni pegged him with). Nisan era Guardian Angel of Solaris. Let's see Emperor Cain get his talons on THIS one. His parents are both Solarian -and- they don't care about their son. It's okay, in order to simultaneously spite them, he creates a great legacy that is Jugend AND THEN he refuses to marry to carry on the name. Personality wise, he's stubborn and moody.. not a real prize but women still hunted him down regardless. He goes down on a mission from Cain to see what everyone is up to in Nisan (can you see the 'repeating mistakes' cycle? I sure can). He makes friends with Sophia, Lacan and Krelian *he's especially good friends with Krelian.. but not in that way* and he makes bad friends with Roni Fatima. (as in they argue in between pleasantries). He's called back up to Solaris to give his report, he wily says he needs more time to gather more information, and then he goes down there and stays there for two years. Cain comes back down, tells him that Nisan and Solaris are going to war.. Mat isn't happy with this and tries to fight but it doesn't work, he goes off.. him and Roni have a spectacular showdown in the Aveh desert and then Roni fells the angel and takes him back to Nisan to lock him up in his bedroom where all angels go. Finally Cain gets Mat back from Nisan but thankfully not in his bedroom, locks him up for being a traitor and Mat goes.. 'screw it!" and decides to steal out of Solaris for the last time, he manages to get himself on a Solarian ship. Yes -that- ship... we all know what happens there. Mathias and Sophia suddenly cross-cancel each other's existance. but to be fair Mathias said that he wasn't piloting his ship

They are just as precious to me as Hyuga is but perhaps a little bit more so if only for the fact that I created them, they were the characters drawn and lovingly coloured in by me. So those are my three little Xenogears princesses. I would go into Jin, but the trio has systematically disowned him from their mystic triangle. Poor Jin, but he doesn't need them when he has Captain Crunch and Jeshua on his side

And to go along with my Triune of Hyuga, shuufish has her Triune of Sigurd.
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