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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
4 days and counting until I am THROUGH with the Mountain Home Air Force Base Food Court.

I am pretty sure you all can imagine how good this makes me feel. No more nazi management, no more retard drama, no more opening the store to find that night shift must of had their hands down their pants all night (because they certainly didn't do any work) and no more training MariCLUE (my nickname for her).

It's amazing how she managed to eclipse my ipod player this morning, and I had it up at it's LOUDEST setting. It's like she didn't take the hint that I had my Ipod up so loud because I didn't want to talk to her. Of course I got in my payback when I got to go into the main store to pass out pizza samples and she didn't. (with her constant talking, she probably would of stalked them through the store, I however got rid of my samples in record time. It's all about flashing that fizzy smile and using my 'sex kitten' voice. *yes I do have one, but only customers hear it because I think it makes them buy more stuff, ahahaha how manipulative am I?*

When it comes down to it, I can only give an emphatic YAY!.

It's hard to believe that in two weeks, I'll be on the road heading toward Michigan. Truly surreal. (but in a good way) Shaoran knows I'm going, I can feel it.. he's been buggng me more then usual. I love all the cats but it's going to hurt to leave him the most out of them all. It's wrong to play favorites, but I can't help it.. I remember he's always been my little boy

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Sometimes I worry about the stuff that goes on when I'm not around. People could be doing anything. Like what if your night staff did have their hands in their pants the whole night. You'd never know (baring video cameras but this is a paranoid rant so that doesn't apply) they could have had a masturbation tournament and then wild orgies. You never really know what happened in a place while you were gone. My life is boring so even the plan boring stuff I wish I could know. Makes me wish the saying "If walls could talk" was true. Anyway, weird paranoia rant over.

Freedom from crappy jobs is always a good thing! At least you can go on to do something better or take some time for your self to do the things you've enjoy!

It's amazing how MariCLUE still doesn't get the message.

It's amazing how time goes by and you will be in Michigan soon. I bet you're excited about it.

I think it's okay to play favorites with animals because they play favorites too.. like how both dogs love Todd and the cat loves me more. Eh, as long as everyone is happy, I think that's my crack logic for the morning.
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Twister loves me >.> that's all I can say on that subject.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

And sometimes Prim loves me.. when I'm not picking her up.
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Yay~! Hang in there Hyu-chan! You can do it! >0!

I suspect if a beautiful human being were trying to get me to buy jam or something, I would be like "...oh...jam? Yes, I'll take sixty jars... @_@"

My cats play favourites with me and with each other, so I don't feel too bad about playing favourites with them. My baby is the first that was MY cat and not my sister's, and I've had her nearly five years (since she was a kitten). She sleeps in my room, and I always miss her the most when I'm out of town. Not having a furry kitty to snuggle can be very lonely. :(

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