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Gendou Anime Music is down.

No Ranma music for me. *sniffles* Well I did get the Neko Hanten Menu song yesterday so I can think of worse things then to have Shampoo go through the menu in her sing-song voice, now that's hot. I am one of those freaks that think Shampoo/Akane is the hottest pairing in ranma ever.. I know it'd never work, but it doesn't matter, when I think of them, I think hot girlsex and that in my mind (sometimes) it is all that matters.

I want to say something amusing, but then I realize that amusing probably doesn't exist right now. So I'll just go on by asking everyone on my flist a single question!

I know that vacation time is coming up so... What would be your -ideal- vacation if in fact money was no object? Go into as much or as little detail as you want
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