Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

LOL Fandom Secrets <3.

Or rather should I say "LOL BITTER". Seriously. I have RPing muses, I think that they are fun to play around with. But believing that they are 'me'? whatever. Both myself and shuufish have long since admitted that our versions of characters are completely whacked out, and we like it that way. We're not RPing to impress anyone, we RP because it's something that takes the distraction off of real life... and besides it's fun to listen to a song and go "Wow, Jin-muse likes that". It's not like I'm speaking for the actual Jin character that is by all rights and purposes copyrighted by Monolith, but rather the version of him that has grown through RP.

Bitch plz.. no seriously. And shuufish, not counting THIS exact moment (which is a first in a long time.).. tell me how many times we've had our characters smut in the past MONTH, what about the past TWO MONTHS?.

Some people are just bitter. I'm not angry, I'm just horribly amused. This ranks right up there with when kurohyou called Mish my Loli-pedo-bait.

Oh internets, what would I do without your self-perpetuating cycle of wankery?
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