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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
LOL Fandom Secrets <3.

Or rather should I say "LOL BITTER". Seriously. I have RPing muses, I think that they are fun to play around with. But believing that they are 'me'? whatever. Both myself and shuufish have long since admitted that our versions of characters are completely whacked out, and we like it that way. We're not RPing to impress anyone, we RP because it's something that takes the distraction off of real life... and besides it's fun to listen to a song and go "Wow, Jin-muse likes that". It's not like I'm speaking for the actual Jin character that is by all rights and purposes copyrighted by Monolith, but rather the version of him that has grown through RP.

Bitch plz.. no seriously. And shuufish, not counting THIS exact moment (which is a first in a long time.).. tell me how many times we've had our characters smut in the past MONTH, what about the past TWO MONTHS?.

Some people are just bitter. I'm not angry, I'm just horribly amused. This ranks right up there with when kurohyou called Mish my Loli-pedo-bait.

Oh internets, what would I do without your self-perpetuating cycle of wankery?

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*sigh* People are fucking rude. And this would just have to happen on the day I mention you in my own post for turning me on to that community... :Þ (I just want to make it clear right here that I'm not posting anything over there -- I'm there to watch the train-wreck, not burn in it!)

#9 had a point, though. Fucking emo-brat Squall. :D

Yeah I know.. well once again.. I'm amused, that's about it. I'm still watching it but I figured that there would be people who once they saw that I was watching fandom secrets, they decided to post. That's it.. (since I've been commenting on ones that make sense to me). I only consider the fact that they are drama-whoring attention queens who wanted to make waves. Well you know what.. I LIKE BOATS!

Don't blame it on yourself. Anything that got posted up there is because I decided to comment on certain posts. I'm pretty sure I know who did it too.

And Squall wasn't my favorite.. I liked Laguna and Kiros.. I wish that there had been more backstory with them and Raine.

KirosxLagunaxRaine is totally one of my OT3s. Srsly.

Raine finally grew on me. It only took, OHHH TEN YEARS?

I know, I adore Raine.. she is the only female that I think suited Laguna. (just like Kiros.. yeah someone needed to keep Laguna organized and together.)

ahhh.. I think what's going on in this rp is it for the last couple of months.

*went and read it* When you play around with muses you're usually aware that you're playing around with characters that have been developed through RPs that are only viewed as fiction^^; It's not as if you claiming the original copy-righted character for your own. Someone is *definiely* bitter.

I mean I'll be the first one to say that my Jin is probably way different from the Jin in Xenosaga. But that's okay, I'm okay with the fact that I've developed him enough so that he stands out to me.. it just means that no one can quite rip off -my- interpertation of Jin.

Because my Jin, he sits in front of the T.V eating cereal, wears really tacky hawaiian shirts and instigates like no one's business like he hasn't outgrown his younger self.. and he probably hasn't

Don't forget his boyfriend who makes 'special' brownies, hehe

Interpretations are far more entertaining anyways. And I read the first comment...my goodness. People must be really bored if they have to make posts just because you watch the community. Maybe they wish to stalk you, Nia-san! *enter girly laugh* Ohohoho!

YES HOKUTO LAUGH! (Tomoyo laugh too, actually. *remembers that from the anime*)

It's fun and yet terrifying when my Hokuto and Seishirou muse team up...that's when I hear the laugh.

(Deleted comment)
I know.. that and 4chan wouldn't have any sage to it.. and sage is fun.

The internet perpetuates wangst like dank, dark places perpetuate poisonous, hideous mushrooms; and the results are about comparable.

Really right? but at least I know that I'm not the only Jin RPer around.. I thought I was the only one.. (I mean I know many people who RP Citan, yourself included. *and I think that your version of Citan is my favorite ~not including my own version, I'm partial to my own~*)

Poor little mushrooms.. reach for the sunlight! grow! grow!

Really really.

Wait, there's other Jin RPers around? Like, seriously? That's awesome. I haven't seen any, myself, in my circles (though in all fairness, I tend to steer more towards MU* RP, which is a very different beast from LJ RP).

...kyaaaa, you flatter me~ *gibbers* Considering you're like... the mighty bastion of Citan fandom of the intarwebs, or at least a person people point to when someone asks for a Citan fan, that's an honour. And I know you can be picky about portrayals, too, so that makes me go that much more "d'aww." ♥

Nyuuuu! The sunlight, it burnses us~!

Nah not the mighty bastion. My only claim to fame is that I have over 2,000 pictures of Citan collected on my computer, I really didn't do a whole lot for the fandom as a whole, I just really like Citan (and anything Uzuki really). I think that when it comes to it, you are probably the more talented fan, at least you've done something with your love. (like awesomepants arts)

You and myaru, I look up to ALOT.

Holy... wow, that's a lot. I think I have... five? Six?

...gh—a—auugh. damn it, I'm blushing!

And by look up to, I don't mean "OMG BNF" but rather because you guys contributed quality to the fandom as opposed to quantity.. and it makes me wish that all fandoms were like that. That is why it's an honour to be apart of the Xeno fandom for that reason alone, because most people are sane.. and the newness has worn off so that really the fandom is like a comfortable blanket.

I don't worship you guys, but I have quite a bit of respect for the both of you.. and it's nice to know that you both aren't retard fangirls. (or else I'd have to get Yui to choke a bitch) Oh my poor Yui muse, she's polishing her sword as we speak.. that is in between making Midori her new sunday dress

I think I'd choke and die if I were ever referred to as big-name in anything. I tend to lurk where most things are concerned, and I usually prefer it that way for precisely that reason. The majority of people are nuts and I prefer to stay way the hell off on the sidelines where I don't draw their attention to me. *shudders*

Even so, it still makes me warm and fuzzy to hear you say that about me. I'm just glad you enjoy what little I've done. ♥

...And that, my dear Hyu, is why Yui is so frightening. :D

I know.. Midori will never get pwned in school because she has a scary mommy that makes the best cookies!

And has the sweetest smile. Inexplicably, kids that are mean to Midori just... disappear. :D

It's nice to see you and other people still roleplay for the right reasons.

We're not RPing to impress anyone, we RP because it's something that takes the distraction off of real life...

If I wanted to role-play and impress someone, I could.. I'd re-open another RP community, go around stroking my JIN-COCK to everyone that bent over.. but I don't.. and that's why it's strictly Yahoo Messenger RPs for me.

Someone definitely is bitter. All those bitchy RP secrets in that comm just keep getting more and more ridiculous. Seriously, if people are getting their panties into that much of a twist over a hobby, they need to step away from the computer and their characters and enjoy some fun in the sun for a while.

The cracks about your journal are even more ridiculous. You have a right to post about whatever you want; if what you say in your journal is so tiresome or annoying to read, it's not like said people can't just... not read it.

But yeah - that was very LOLZ INTARWEB material and I love reading about your muses' exploits, particularly Jin's. even if I usually don't have much to say about it. One thing I've always liked about you is that you know how to have fun with RP and remember that it's supposed to be fun. :)

I think that is what takes alot of the fun out of RP communities for me. Because soon RP becomes an obligation and you have to do it a certain number of hours in order to be considered active, and even more hours on top of that if you want to be a BNF RPer. I could name alot of people I know who are BNF RPers, who probably spend every waking moment RPing. (I was like that at one time.. back in the good old days of kurohyou.)

But that is RPing for all the wrong reasons, you should do it because it's a hobby, not because you think you're gonna be getting a nobel peace prize for it.

Yes, my antics with Jin are particularly funny if only because he's a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE. (And he causes trouble within the muse box).

Really I actually have a good idea of who did it.. and it's rather funny since I've not RPed Jin on a public forum for a good year now (not counting halloween at squenix which is a tradition for me and Mish that we went to squenix and wrecked havoc. So evidentally there are ALOT of issues involved and well all I have to say to that is people need to grow the fuck up.

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