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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I wasn't' exactly happy with how my Seishirou icon came out, so I redid -both- our icons. (I hope you don't mind, the more I looked at the seishirou icon, the more I started to hate it)


I am so much more satisfied with those two.

Also! on the job front. Does everyone remember back when I worked at Pizza Etc and I ranted on about 'stephanie' all the time. Well I just discovered that it CAN get worse then Stephanie. Oh yes, and guess what? SHE IS MY REPLACEMENT. I find it hard to believe that anyone can use rape as a conversation opener.. (and not in the 'halp raep' 4chanesque sort of way). But I shit you not, within two minutes of our aquainticeship, she managed to declare that she was 'raped' last year.

I could only look at her in shock, horror and then walk off (being a rape victim myself, I couldn't figure out how she could blithly declare that she was raped unless it was like a, you know, badge of honor for her.

I am going to try to refrain from talking to her about anything but the job... I might not succeed though since SHE'S A TALKER, alright.

Hey, I don't use my Baby Sigurd icon for just ANYONE.

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good luck with the talker today..just hit her with the cattle prod.

Changing the icons now..I do like them alot!

She is insane, destroy her.

And she should be destroyed more because she made Sigurd cry.

Those are gorgeous!

And, uh, yeah. That's just...no. o.o

(Deleted comment)
Mine happened a long time ago but I STILL don't like to bring it up.. seriously. It's not something that I think bears mention.. not until you've gotten to know a person.. and getting to know a person isn't exactly the two minutes INTO introductions.

o_O That rape thing had me wondering...and I don't know, this is quite different but...

=/ Last year, mmm...about this time, I was being talked to by my teachers and guidance counsellor at my high school about my rapidly growing possibility of an attempt at suicide. I've had many suicidal thoughts in the past, and almost made an attempt one night prior to getting any help.

Now, back when it was actually happening, I was a total wreck and bawled over everything and blahblahblah, but after a year and becoming much more aware of who I am, where I stand in situations and how to find out where I am those ones I don't know, I am much less stressed and have gone almost an entire year without once having to fight away an urge to swallow a container of pills or slice away at my wrists with a knife or...sharp object of any kind.

=/ Now here is where I start wondering: when I meet people, or when I talk to people, I feel quite comfortable (eehhh...well, usually, anyway) to be able to discuss what had happened to me back then. I mean, I'm actually very open about telling my story and hoping people could learn from it. Mind you, when I still mention the teacher, the one person who actually stopped me on my way out of class and started asking me about what was going on with me (the one who ultimately unearthed this..um..really bad problem I was heading into), I still cry. The comics I rant about my journal? Those were all brought on by him as well, and I feel I owe him so much.

But the fact that I can talk so openly about it, for the most part, anyway, would that be considered as me displaying it as a "everyone pity me" act? o_O; Like I said, I know we're weighing totally different subjects here, but I was reading so many comments about "omg how can you talk so easily about stuff like that" and I...didn't know. Maybe it has to do with the person in general, or how it's told, like her tone of voice or her choice of words or something.

Maybe I'm just different, but rape isn't really that sensitive a topic for me. I say this as a victim, but one that only gets a bit of anger out of the subject coming up in a conversation as if it was nothing at all. Like the colour of grass.

This woman is a fucking moron... it doesn't come down to whether or not it was easy to talk about, like the_jess was saying really... but the fact that You don't just talk about shit like that to complete strangers not but two minutes into any given conversation unless they are a fucking therapist or a counselor or family or SOMETHING. Seriously.

Because you don't know the other person's thoughts on such a subject. It can be considered offensive and, like with some places around here, can get you written up for misconduct. (Something to do with harrassing/offending co-workers and customers within earshot..)

If you feel compelled to talk about something in order to work through it, don't do it with strangers. You just look like a moron. I donno what this girl is thinking, or if she is Thinking at all.

... all I can see is some little twit making up stories to try to get sympathy or look 'cool'. I hear it's fucking trendy to be raped these days. *eye rolling*

In any case... I'm not going to turn your comment box into a bitch rant any more than I have. I don't know this Talker, nor do I want to really know her. I'm just thankful you only have to be around her for a short while. *Blink*

wow... That happened to me 2-3 times with people in college last year. I never understood it since I also have had similar things happen and I keep them to myself. It would be different if you know the person for a while but yea.. right up front.
This reminds me of my last year in college. One girl was horrible, every conversation was another disclosure of her horrible life. Her first conversation was a similar one to what you describe above. Then she'd end the statement with "Oh but I'm fine now!" *fake smile.* It was horrible and I really hope this girl at your work doesnt turn out like this...

I never figured out how to make it stop. Well except once when me and my roommate where there as she angsted once again to people she barely knew. We both said "uh-huh horrible things happened to us too...and?" but that was because she was going on and on about her horrible life to strangers and acquaintances, wondering why no one said anything, anyway good luck.. =X

"But I shit you not, within two minutes of our aquainticeship, she managed to declare that she was 'raped' last year.".........."it was like a, you know, badge of honor for her."

....0_o *twitch twitch* Not...I...properly...think...can!!!

What the fuck is wrong with her?!!! 0_0

I love the icons.

And the girl is fucking crazy. You just don't mention things like that to people!

She sounds majorly obnoxious. :/ I'm sorry. But if she's your replacement, at least you won't have to deal with her for long, right?

That's why you just ignore those people, Hyu-chan! Or tell them to go to hell. 8D~

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