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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Poll #983942 Psychology of Yaoi Time!

List discriptive words that pop into your head when you hear the term 'uke'

List descriptive words that pop into your head when you hear the term 'seme'

By descriptive words, I mean words that you would use to describe 'uke' and 'seme' (and smexy or yummilicious don't count as words). When you close your eyes, what do you see in your minds eye when you hear those two words.. based on personal expirience or just what those words evoke.

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I dislike stereotypes, my answers may not be what you wanted. xD

Granted, although the first things that pop into my head are the manga stereotypes - I know they're really not true. Since I've gone to, well, art school, I've met a lot more gay guys and it seems like such cliches are barely ever true.

I'm not talking about gay guys.. because seriously you don't think of guys in terms of yaoi (and if you do, you're pretty whacked) I'm talking about anime and manga.

I would like to clarify what I mean by weak and strong :( mostly, I mean physical weakness and strength, but some people do portray emotional weakness more in "ukes" rather than in "semes", but that's not always the case--when it even gets so far as to develop the emotional sides of the characters >_>

List discriptive words that pop into your head when you hear the term 'uke'

Kamui. :P

(that really was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the word 'uke', lol)

frankly they both make me go AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH because I hate hate hate the distinction and yaoi-fans' absurd obsession with them.

Yes but I'm merely proving a point, that those words are not just terms for top and bottom, that they have been infused with a million of fangirlish stereotypes.

I try my best to avoid using the terms, because I hate all the heterosexualising stereotype-baggage attached to them.

No with this whole survey I was trying to prove a point that no matter what, those two terms have been bastardized beyond all belief. I personally don't use them. I think it's asshatty.

I was honest, actually. I don't believe in the stereotypes and labels: I like to think that, in my m/m couples, both guys take turns. Then again, the stuff I ship is not too conventional, and I don't read yaoi manga -precisely because the clichés there aren't my cuppa, and the hot sex doesn't even compensate me for the pain. Hell, even in my pairings that physically can fit the cliché, like Touya/Yukito, I avoid thinking of them as the big, confident seme and the blushing, girly uke (then again, T/Y is also a bad example IMHO)

But sure, when I see people talking about semes and ukes in fandom, I immediately think in the blushing chick-with-dick being molested by a dark, tall guy with an attitude. And I never find the "omg kawaii hawt squee" factor in that. I don't like that stuff in either yaoi, het, or yuri.

Yes me too.. basically I hate it as well.. I was just putting it up because I wanted to prove that there was a whole lot of baggae involved with the two terms.

I've unfortunately read too many dojinshi, so that was reflected in my answers. I actually hate those stereotypes, but they were what came to mind first.

I hate them too.. *hugs*

Hence why I attempt to hit them with a hammer, stomp on them and set them on fire in the stuff I produce. That's the one thing they're good for. XD

While generally not into pegging the uke and seme stereotypes (I'm a let's switch! :D Person), I put mine out there. XD I love how everyone's answers about the ukes were sort of the same as mine were. (Also interesting how I wasn't the only person who was all about blonde, too).

You know, it was just a random poll... I hate the stereotypes like the next person.. I actaully hate them ALOT. Seme and Uke are just negative connotations, and someone posted that Seme and Uke -just- meant position.. and I was like "Uh-uh.. no it doesn't" because while they do mean top and bottom respectively, they also have years of fangirls behind them, and fangirls have carved their stereotypes out onto the rocks.

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That is exactly what I wanted.. the first thing that came to mind. What the two words inspire without even having to dwell on it.

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Yes well as I was saying to other commenters.. it's not about approving the terms, it is about the fact that the terms immediately evoke a million past stereotypes, which make them not so valid. I hate the terms just as much as you do.. and I'll only JOKINGLY refer to someone as seme or uke. But my point has been proven that the term seme and uke carry the same labels to themselves, described differently but the label colours -are- the same.

That was me being my Uzuki self.

(Deleted comment)
I don't like them either.. I HATE THEM! But I guess your answer on the poll is indeed validating that the stereotypes do exist as well.

My answers are a little different, considering the fact that they are based on the way I play my rp characters. *is secretly a switch, so will play both uke and seme*

heh...i think we all see stereotypes in stuff like this. I find a lot of stereotypes. >.>; *coughs* Though my current boyfriend and his ex-boyfriend pretty much fit the uke/seme stereotypes to a T....and insist on playing along in that way in front of me. TT

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