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~Victorian: "Makes Perfect Sense to Me" ~Meredith/Seren~

Fandom: Xenogears/Saga AU Victorian RP
Pairing: Meredith/Seren (Female versions of Roni Fatima and Xenogears OC, Mathias Jaevyn -nisan era-)
Song Inspiration: "Ain't no Sense in Love" by Take That
Comments: We -just- dreamed up this pairing today, and I think I fell in love with it just a little bit, we haven't even RP'd this yet I was compelled to write this before I went to bed *Meredith wouldn't let me sleep until I had written this out*. I love the barrage of inspiration that both I and shuufish have going, it's like magic when we hit upon something -just- right, it's a magic that has been going on for over two years now. Stuff like this proves that she's my muse -and- my partner in crime.
Warning: Lesbians.. and the mention of lesbian sex at the very end. (the world needs more yuri love, seriously). If you're okay with the gay buttsecks but not with the implication of hot girl on girl action. Don't bother clicking the cut text.. you'd probably puke anyways. Also beta'd? AHAHAHA no.

Crossposted to shitan

"You're not the one I need,
you're just the one that i want..
Makes a perfect sense to me"

The life of an Opera Dancer was not too bad, or at least from what Meredith could ascertain. She was born to be in the spotlight or so she thought, she was a trifle vain that way, but perhaps it was because of her stunning looks, from the pale skin that seemed to be heightened by the lights of the stage as they played upon her dancing, or perhaps it was the rich and thick dark brown hair that fell from her red ribbons in lusterous curls that just toppled everywhere around her shoulders and if she danced just right, they seemed to curl over her shoulders and softly graced the sides of her full breasts.

Her figure was the type that men wanted and perhaps she was the most sought after dancer there. She certainly did not lack for admiriers at her dressing room doors, and she could of had any that she wanted, all she had to do was crook her delicate fingers and they would come.. and yet she had no need nor use for any men despite how much they groveled, her favorite part was coyly flirting with them and the mountains of flowers and trinkets that she could accept because of it, little geegaws that served her for her better amusement.

And yet the only suitor that she had ever accepted was not a man, but a woman. And such a glorious woman as that, someone whom had hypnotized Meredith at first moment, for when their eyes met it had sent a fire going through Meredith even though by all intents and purposes it shouldn't even of been that big of a deal for naturally everyone was watching her. Instead she had put that aside and danced her best that night, clad in that dress that displayed her ankles prettily, as well as the swell of her cleavage. That night she danced for the blonde woman in the box, danced as if her very soul depended on it.

Perhaps she even dreamed of her that night, all she knew that she woke up a bit flustered and flushed with something clinging to her soul, and a longing to know who she had been.

The next day she got her answer as it was customary that the mornings after came flowers for the dancers. She had recieved more then her share, but only one bouquet was waiting for her from a woman, a Miss Seren Fatima. Somehow she knew that the bouquet was from the woman whom had captured her eyes for that brief moment.

That evening she tucked one of the favored flowers into her hair, just behind a ribbon, in the hopes that the woman would once again attend the Opera. She hoped that she would be beautiful for the other woman, in fact something compelled her to seek that favor, she absolutely needed it. And once again her eyes made contact with the woman, now known to her as 'Seren'. Her dark eyes danced flirtily as she woo'd that gaze all across the stage, she could compell anyone to her, and yet she especially wanted this woman, the fire in those ocean eyes made her want so desperately... as if the attraction was something living and breathing. But still there was no visits from the woman, and she knew why exactly.. because she was a woman.. and in this day and age, it wasn't acceptable for a woman to see an opera dancer, in fact a gently bred lady wasn't supposed to even 'know- what men did with opera dancers.

But still every night she danced and every night she could feel Seren watching her. And she didn't dare go out of her way to approach the woman, or even overlap their lives, besides there was something deliciously erotic about how she danced for the woman every night, refused to favor men with her presence because she wanted Seren. Suddenly Seren was her goddess and she'd worship no god when a goddess was what she desired.

Every morning those flowers came, but one day the flowers came attached with a note.

"Meet me tomorrow night in Vauxhall Gardens and wear my flower in your domino, I would know your beauty anywhere. -S"

And suddenly Meredith was dancing on air, for Vauxhall was a popular place to go after an Opera, and as an Opera dancer, her entrance would be unremarked upon. But she wondered how her Lady Seren would get there when a young woman going alone to the gardens was discouraged. Oh but Meredith didn't care if only for the delicious thrill that went through her at the thought that she would be able to meet with the woman whom she had been making love to with her eyes for the past few weeks.

The next evening after the opera was over, she slid into one of her more revealing dresses, a stripped red and black dress with a dramatic corset and a flouncing skirt, the domino smoothed over her head and the flower attacked along with a black lace veil. She headed to the gardens where she would await her lady, her heart buzzing with anticipation for what the night would bring.

And when the shining 'man' approached her, hair like a lion's mane cascading down the slender linen clad shoulders and blue eyes only visible behind a mask, she knew that it was her goddess come to her in a form that would invite little scandal. She demured and accepted the dance, and was thereby whirrled around in arms that held her closely, and then when she was pulled into the shadows for a kiss, she didn't deny her 'lord' whatsoever, offering her tender lips up for tribute, a tribute that soon turned passionate.

And when the fireworks at midnight lit up the sky just over the gardens, that found Meredith exactly where she wanted to be, wrapped up in those arms as they each took and gave each other pleasure in the gardens. Anyone who tripped upon them thought that it was some lord dallying with a pretty little bit of muslin, and perhaps it was the truth, however Meredith was quite glad that when her fingers dipped into those pants, they found something considerably less intimidating then a lord's part and parcel and she was quite pleased with the fact that she had caught the woman that she wanted.

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