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Okay I'm reading through the Victorian AU (since I'm pretty sure that is what both shuufish are going to concentrate on next in terms of RP -since we've done ALOT of work on it-)

And I have to say, that Jin CONSTANTLY amuses me.

"Dear Chaos,

I am not asleep, but I am not dead either,

Love, Lord Jin


Only my Jin would write that to his valet after sneaking out of his rooms in order to wake up Sigurd and Hyuga at asskiss o'clock in the morning to relieve childhood memories.

"I should, should I not." Jin said as he strode purposely toward the bed, casting a wink over his shoulder at Sigurd as if to say, "Look at what I am about to do.." and then he crawled up onto the bed and reached for a pillow that Hyuga was not using, since Hyuga was a pillow cuddler. He then brandished it in the air before he brought it down on Hyuga, all feather-down of the pillow. "Rise and shine, Hyu.. time to wake up.. cockadoodle doo!" Jin said with a grin, continuing to whap repeatedly.

And Hyuga had been having such a nice dream, dreams that were the norm for him and had been the norm for the past week. Hyuga thought of his dreamtime as the only time he -could- be with Sigurd, and he cherished it, so to be awakened from such dreamtime activities by something hard smacking him in the face when he had been expecting a kiss. Well he reached out blindly and groggily and tried to grab the pillow. "Ugh.. desist.." His voice was sleep laden as he tried to fight off his assailant, his eyes warily opening, he caught sight of raven hair much similar to his own and he growled sleepily. "Jin.. go back to bed.. it's sleep time.. lemme alone..." He murmured before he rolled over on his other side and tugged the covers over his head.

"No it is time to wake up.." Jin declared in a voice loud enough to communicate in all seriousness. "If you do not get up, I will make you get up."

"Go bug someone else..." Hyuga's muffled voice came.

"Can't.. Sigurd's already here.. it's your turn."

"Why has Sigurd not punched you yet.." Hyuga murmured. "You deserve a good beating.."

"He tried..."

"I tried and failed...." Sigurd moaned ruefully, plopping down on the end of the bed and crawling up a little bit so that he could curl up alongside of Hyuga's legs. He rested his head against a knee, trying his best to ignore Jin and the noise he was making, settling down as if he were fully intent on going back to sleep. "Jin is so vicious, dragging us awake at this hour.." he murmured, burying his face into the blankets.

"Hnnnnnnnnnpf..." Hyuga made one of his sleepy nonsense noises, feeling a weight on his knee and then knowing it to be Sigurd, he liked the fact that the object of his dreams was in his bed, and for a moment he forgot that he was married, but only when he was halfway asleep, halfway trying to sink back into dreamland. "You can hide under the covers with me if you want..." Hyuga's muffled voice came drowsily.

"I will keep pounding you until you get out of the bed, you can't sleep while I am doing this.." Jin said as he kept bringing the pillow down, though he was secretly making mental notes to do this until Sigurd got next to Hyuga, then he would pounce them both and jar them both awake, two birds with one stone.

"Care to wager your soul on that..." Hyuga murmured as he burrowed his face in the pillow.

"You are my hero." Sigurd murmured, finding the edge of the covers then raising them, shifting and wiggling until he could crawl underneath him. Once under he shifted his body upwards, until he was snuggled side by side with Hyuga, then he pulled covers up over their heads so they could hide from Jin and his insistant pillow beatings. He hid his face against Hyuga's shoulder and began to try to follow Hyuga back into sleep. "Maybe he'll go away...."

"Jin never goes away.." Hyuga murmured as he huddled in close to Sigurd as well, screwing his eyes shut as he felt the pillow pound on him and thereby grating his nerves. He sighed just a little bit more groggily and tucked himself into Sigurd's arms as if that alone would take away the incessant pillow pummeling he was recieving on the other side of the blanket. "He is a bloody parasite.." And somehow in the moments before waking, Sigurd became his cuddle toy, and he proceeded to wrap himself around his toy. Partly in defense and partly because Sigurd smelled nice and it appealed to the part of him that -was- awake.

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