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~Work Related Rant~

Today was such a fun day. No it really was despite the obvious suckiness of it.

I mean the Mountain Home AFB food court has ALOT of issues with management. It's the same old story, managers don't care about anything except the bottom dollar, employees get disgruntled, added side quest of blatant favoritism running around Popeye's chicken since the manager for the food court WORKS in Popeyes. Well there was alot of shit that went down at Taco Bell involving Taco Bell's manager and a few people quitting, and then the Popeyes managers sort of flake out. (even though they tried to explain their side of the story, when you have another manager outside smoking and bawling their eyes out, I refuse to believe that they are not fully to blame especially when they went 20 minutes early instead of staying to help ease the load).

Well I came in very, I guess bitchy, (that time of the month where Hyu pulls the gender-card and says fuck it, I can be a bitch), and I saw the sign that was up on both ours -and- Taco Bell's prep area (but coincidentally missing from Popeyes). THe sign? What did it read? It read "Foods and Beverages cannot be in prep area, please take them to the breakroom.". Well Popeyes has been keeping their drink cups in the prep area.. which is a no-no. Their excuse when they were questioned. Well Rose (the Food Court manager) lets them do it.

Bullshit! So I go up to the two girls in Popeyes (and for reference, I work at Robin Hood/Anthony's Pizza.. the pizza place and the sandwhich shop combined) and I say, "Hey, we need to get a sign up there so Popeyes will stop drinking their shit in their prep area" (because it's not fair to anyone) so I help them make a sign and then we tape it to their fucking wall. Bernie (the acting manager for Popeyes.. who is directly under Rose) comes in and goes "what are you doing in my store" then she sees the sign and goes apeshit. What does she do? She says that Taco Bell got called on it. Yes kids, that is right.. she said that EVEN THOUGH IT IS WRONG, JUST BECAUSE HER SHOP WASN"T CAUGHT, SHE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. Despite the fact that it's a health issue to have drink cups back there, not to mention that it's in the regs that NO one should be consuming anything unless it's in the breakroom. Hypocrisy much.

Oh Hyu is not in that mood to play that game. I call her on it, I don't care. A wrong is a wrong, and if no one else can get away then her and her little pussy patrol shouldn't be able to get away with it.

Then she has the audaciety to tell me that "For future reference I probably shouldn't hang around with those girls from Taco Bell". Oh! Is that a veiled threat I see before me? I tell her that it's none of her business who I associate with, and I want to call her on her integrity as well but safely I know when to stop digging myself a grave. I let it go, but I am reluctant to do ANYTHING for Popeyes. It is slow in my shop so what do I do. I GO AND HELP TACO BELL. I sweep their side of the lobby, I wipe down their tables. I make sure that Bernie can see me helping them out. My virgo comes out, I will do ANYTHING for a person if I feel that they respect me.. I would do anything that Tina (the Taco Bell manager) asked me to do, but I will do nothing for Popeyes since they obviously think of me as nothing more then a pizza workhorse.

I decide that this is enough bullshit and it compells me to go out and buy myself a pack of ciggarettes. Now just in case you all are going. "Oh noes hyu dun smocking ish bad!1111", I didn't really smoke it, well okay I did have a puff or two. But I was out there for the break. Bernie is notorious for barging into the breakroom and tell people to get off their asses if they are sitting down to rest their feet. But she doesn't do it to smokers, so I just sat outside and watched the cigarette I was holding dwindle away into a little butt. Bernie had passed me as I was going out and was like "Nia, I didn't know you smoked, don't you know that will kill you" and I told her plainly that "It was obvious that she had no consideration for me except for my value as a workhorse and that I'd like it if she'd butt out of things that is evidentally none of her business" then I fled outside to burn one in the most literal sense.

That huge rant being said, I am going to be HAPPY when the 24th (my last day) occurs. Because that place, it just sucks.

I miss my days at Pizza Etc where people cared and you could have FUN while doing your job.

Oh yes, this... HAY GUYZ IM NOT EMO!


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