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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Jakob's Painting: A Vinagrette of Asthartia~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
DragonRiders | Rating: PG | Warning: allusions to a male/male relationship. | for shuufish who is the Solinth Priest that my little Jeriah adores so much.

"And if there's no tomorrow
And all we have is here and now
I'm happy just to have you
You're all the love I need somehow"

It was oftentimes on those long blizzard laced evenings at the very beginning of the snows when Jakob and Jeriah were curled up side by side in front of a fire with a book between them that Jeriah would tell Jakob about the meltings, the very beginnings of spring, the gradual warming of the earth, when the birds would fly back from Carilea where they had gone for the winter. In midst he told Jakob that he had been a meltings baby, that when he had been born, the earth had been starting it's process of melting so he always looked forward to his birthday for that reason solely. And somehow he managed to weasel Jakob's birthday out of him, and his delight was apparent when he found out that Jakob was a melting baby too, even though it was later in the process when the snow was scattered in patches but the ways between Carilea and Syratica were completely traversable.

Now that started to draw Jeriah into thought over what he should give Jakob for his birthday but he was never quite good with ideas unless he inadvertantly got that idea from listening to Jakob speak and trying to decipher anything that Jakob needed, but being in those arms on those long winter day, he wasn't sure if there was anything that Jakob needed.. he sounded like he was completely content. He didn't attribute it to him at all, but rather that Jakob must be happy here.

So he inquired of the other priestesses, they all had their ideas based on their particular hobbies, and all were eager to help Jeriah find a suitable birthday gift for the one that they could discern that Jeriah had chosen for himself. Most if not all of them had their own chosens, alot of them of Carilean blood who would come once the spring set in. Jeriah listened patiently however it was one that gave him pause.

"A picture of yourself perhaps?" Came, Inese, the painter of the priestesses who was aligned to Thalia.

Now he had to consider this because he didn't see a whole lot of use in a painting, there was nothing practical about it, he didn't think there would be signifigance to it, after all you couldn't wear a painting, it didn't keep you warm and Jeriah thought that it may be a boring gift, not even realizing that perhaps Jakob would even -want- a painting of him to treasure. The thought didn't even occur to him, however it was the best idea that Jeriah had been given and so he agreed to pose for Inese in a painting for Jakob.

That was what took up a large portion of January. He stole away during the court meetings that Jakob had so that he could sit for Inese's painting, wearing his robes, however he had directed her to paint him as she saw fit. And that is when the ideas started and he was suddenly put into many different positions, so many that his head nearly spun. However eventually a poise was settled on and he found himself on his knees, a cushion under them of course and pretty much doing anything that Inese said in terms of movement.

He wasn't even sure what the painting looked like though he was curious, but she wasn't going to let him see it until she was done, so he went through a dozen or so sittings before finally she declared it finished and he was able to look at it. What he saw made his cheeks flush just a bit and he wasn't sure if Jakob would -want- a picture like this.

On it he was knelt in front of a shrine to Solinth, him clothed in his Lunneth robes with those same robes falling over his shoulders, his hair in a disarray as if he had just engaged in something not so innocent at the shrine, the mere thought caused Jeriah's cheeks to flush, and his face upturned to the rays of the rising sun which caressed his face like that of a lover and his lips full as if he had just been kissed throughly, and that look of rapture, there was something slightly.. scandelous about the picture, holy and yet intensely erotic.

"He couldn't want.. something like this?" he flushed as he sort of turned his head away from the picture, just looking at it caused his cheeks to heat somewhat painfully. Especially considering nothing had ever happened beyond soft and sweetly chaste kisses and he couldn't imagine what Jakob would think of he saw a picture like that, so inherently wanton.

Inese had been about to say something to her young priest friend however she decided against it, deciding that it would be better to let Jeriah learn gradually what was acceptable and what wasn't between him and the one he loved. Instead she promised to wrap it up and store it away until he should wish to give it to the Solinth priest.

"It's like a dream
Although I'm not asleep
And I never want to wake up"


Added Note: Jeriah is the only muse that when he thinks about smut with Jakob, he starts crying.. not in a bad way.. but he's one of those souls that are very sensitive and emotional, I blame it on the double pisces and the cancer in his main three signs.

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Very nice. I enjoyed reading this. Your description of the painting was beautiful...I could see it in my mind, and found it very alluring and erotic. I don't really know the character, but Jeriah sounds sweet, innocent, and quite charming.

Yes, Jeriah is a created character and he's chronically shy.. the shyest character I've ever have met, both in my C-box and in others. But he's a little dearheart.


That is my favorite writing involving him, because he's a big softie.. and this is a different timeline. it's a modern type RP and Jakob's little 5 year old daughter has latched onto Jeriah and he adores her and it shows in this bit of writing.

Oh yes and this too.


Really Jeriah is one of my favorite characters to write about *sheepish* Just because he's always thinking and when I am playing him, his mind is buzzing really fast despite his shy and retiring ways.

Both pieces were very nice. I especially loved mentally walking through the toy store with Jeriah and watching him set up a special place for the child. It was easy to see how much he cares for Sigele. Jeriah is adorable. I can really relate to the kinship he feels with animals. I understand why you enjoy writing him. :)

Did you mean "vignette"?

Hey I recognize the song you quoted! XD

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