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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Wow, 50 messages in my email box. I came home, saw the "you have 50 messages" and just about shit myself. Wow... I guess I better start listening to all the music you guys sent me!

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Send me some good music, okay? *hugs* Closing is stressful. *cry*

*Hugs* I will.. and I love you and I am hoping you are okay!

I'm okay *hugs* We just found out about homeowners insurance and need to go get some. I love you too and hope that work goes alright today.

It will.. yesterday it was a bit wanky but well tolerable. And today is probably going to be wanky too but I'm not going to complain. I miss you and I got your package. The virgo faery is so cute!

I'm glad you liked the fairy, it's the gift I wanted to give you before you went home but I hadn't bought it yet, just a little thank you for being with me through Midori's birth. Why was it wanky? And I miss you too... I just don't know when I am going to have to go for the day.

Awww well I loved it *hugs* And it's wanky because of the attitudes of certain co-workers. Justin had a fit all day because big bad chigdem and I forced him to stay up in the store all afternoon and help customers. (despite the fact that Chigdem is manning the store today and I am getting the store tomorrow). And he was fumming because we changed it since originally it was wednesday when he'd have to stay in the store and he had that day off anyways.. I know.. boohoo... the -unfairness- of it all.

I got the ending song for HanaKimi. It's beautiful, I can't stop listening to it. I want to see MORE HANAKIMI! *cries* I think the withdrawals may be starting.

Oh no.. Umeda withdrawls. *hugs* We should send Akiha and Umeda over there to threaten the sub company then make them translate more of it. Or we could send out the gothic lolita ninja squad, though they weren't very successful getting Angelque translated.

I still think that you need to take a cattle prod with you to work, for all such occasions.

No, as in the mighty Excel Saga.. MISSION... FAILED! (I think that the gothic lolita ninja squad would probably be more sucessful then Umeda/Akiha.. because you know Akiha would get forceful then Umeda would be forced to fornicate with Akiha wherever they were at the time.. thus causing the subber's mind to blank out with the pretty Umeda/Akiha boysmut. Then they might forget that the rest of HanaKimi even exists.

Better bet is the GLNS

Alright.. then they shall be dispensed immediately and all will be well as long as they don't get distracted by their gothic-lolitaness. (which was the case last time) I suddenly want to watch Excel Saga now. Oh and I want both theme songs for Hanakimi.

Akiha is disappointed but I think he likes to get forceful in front of Umeda for the boysmut.

I will send bitchy model Hyuga over there (because I've no doubt that Hyuga has his extremely difficult moments) and Umeda as well.. so that once Akiha gets forceful, then Umeda can drag the 'unsuspecting' Saggitarius off in order to screw his brains out.

I really need to go to the store and get some duct tape, I need to start boxing my things up to store until Alexi can ship them to me.

Duct tape is good... we've started using it for the packing process, which we are working on today though I'm floating back and forth, doing some sewing and some minding baby.

Sigurd wants to go now too, because Hyuga's going, though he doesn't get forceful per se, he's capable of it but he doesn't really like doing it.

Ultimately I think it is just what is in their charts along with their signs, Sigurd has alot of water in his chart.. so he's not going to be forceful, however Akiha probably has a Scorpio hidden in his Sag somewhere. Umeda is a scorpio with a Leo and so he's a bit lazy.. whereas Hyuga has an aries in his scorpio chart.

That's true, Sigurd I know is a pisces rising though I don't know what Akiha is, though I do agree that there must be a scorpio in there somewhere. I'd try to pin him down on it but I've too much else to do, he'll tell me about it whenever he decides to, that's for sure.

It's essentially whatever the muses are given.. I know that Jeriah is full of water.. A double pisces with a cancer moon. It's almost sad when I think about his chart.

Awww.. I just think that's why Jeriah is so cute.

Because he's like a cute little wet cloth filled with all the emotion that Jakob could ever need?

And Mat has a Taurus for his rising which makes it why he buts heads with Roni so much. >.>

Jakob loves Jeriah just how he is and that's all he will say.

I am very curious as to what Roni's rising sign is, I've a feeling that it's libra which is why he's so damn sociable and double the show off a leo should be.

That's really wierd.. because if you think about it.. it makes Roni and Mat extra difficult.

Look at it this way.

Mat has a gemini sign between his rising of Taurus.

Roni has virgo between his regular sign and libra. which makes it look like they are back to back, pushing backwards with their feet. I don't think I'm making a whole lot of sense though.

No it makes sense to me... though it could be why they are so difficult when they are together. I hope that's okay.

Ahahaha yes it's beautiful because whenever Mat gets annoyed with Roni and vice versa.. it's just way too cute.

Ahh.. that's good. I worried for a moment that something was wrong with Roni, he, however, assumes me that he is perfect.

Of course he would.. it also makes alot of sense now why Roni would like the whole Hollywood Lawyer thing, because he likes to see his NATURALLY PERFECT FACE ON TV! It also makes it so that Roni will definitely argue back with Mat.

Oh yes, it's the libra that adds the argumentativeness as well as they additional flair, leo and libra go together because they both enjoying being in public and lord it up. This is why Todd and I get along so well. Roni's all that rolled up together, which he thinks is perfectly fitting, and incidentally, insists on everyone knowing he's wearing a burgundy silk suit today (double breasted, of course).

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