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~MP3 Playlist CONTEST~

I've decided to make this sort of contest an occurance that happens every 90 songs, that is to give more people a chance to win an icon from me.

Hyu's Playlist = 4,098

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is, Get the 4,100'th song.


1.) Check my Playlist *updated* for a list of the music I already have.
2.) Based on my preferences (or maybe not.. my taste has been known to be wierd at times) send me a song (or some songs) that you think I might like.
3.) You can send it to me via Sendspace. My email is uzukistyle@yahoo.com
4.) If in fact you are the 4,100th song, you will get an icon of a manga scan coloured, by me. That is my gift for broadening my music taste just a little bit.

So start sending songs. There is no limit to how many songs you can send.

And just to sweeten the deal. The ones who send me songs up to 4,100 will get an icon of the fandom/character of their choice. (though the 4,100th is the one to aim for I suppose).

So with that being said. Start sending music! *bounces*

4,092 - "Illusion" by VNV Nation (chiasmus)
4.093 - "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany (moonshinefaerie)
4,094 - "The Last Words You Said" by Sarah Brightman (denglongfist)
4,095 - "Here Comes the Sun" by Sweetbox (firestorm717)
4,096 - "Reach for the Sky ~song bird mix~" by Sona
4,097 - "Humming in Between" by Duncan Sheik (uzukisaru)
4,098 - "Chao Xi Huan Ni" by Fahrenheit (polyurethane)
4,099 - "Exclusive Angel" by TANK (firestorm717)


4,100 - "Understood" by TANK (uzukisaru
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