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Okay! So I am happy. The lovely shuufish made a ShunUki mood theme for the both of us. Alot of them are based on personal and highly inside jokes. But still. There is much squeeage involved. So I'm happy! >.> *see mood for reference*

Also there is no loathing in my heart that can compare to my loathing for Vic. I am so glad that Clamp canceled Tsubasa because the anime wasn't going how they wanted it to. Because if I had to see Vic voice and utterly bastardize Fai, I think I'd come close to puking. (And the fact that he slams doujinshi artists.. when of course Clamp started out as doujinshi artists.. to voice their series, isn't that a bit.. off. Oh well, I hope he has fun voicing his mary-sue version of Fai since he has absolutely no plans for picking up the manga to read. *he's probably frightened of what he'd find there since Clamp-land is like sodom and gommorah, amirite?*)

Yami no Matsuei FRIENDING MEME - because more people should be doing it.
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