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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So on the way to Boise, I was revealing to pimp_kitten one of my favorite games. To backtrack, I love Seiyuu.. or voice actors, and I've gotten very good at distinguishing japanese voices by inflection. So I revealed to Alexi that one of my favorite games is to take a Seiyuu song from a various series, and then picture a character voiced by the same seiyuu -but- of different temperment singing the song. At the time "Nisshouku no Kagiana" by Okiayu Ryoutaru came on. Now Okiayu Ryoutarou is known for Shigure (furuba), Tezuka (PoT) and Byakuya (Bleach). This song is very fast and upbeat, and I told him to picture Byakuya singing it. I nearly broke his brain seriously.

Then came the funny part. When he found out that Tezuka and Byakuya shared the same seiyuu. He was like (and I quote):

"Now I want to see a Tennis fight where Tezuka enters the Zone, and then he suddenly says 'Bankai...'."

Tezuka is the clearly the Shinigami of Tennis. And a tennis Bankai would be utterly hilarious. Bleach/Prince of Tennis Crossovers FOR THE WIN!

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I can distinguish some seiyuu, but I'm not that good, since most of the anime I've seen is in either spanish or very bad english. But I have watched some in Japanese, still, it's hard to imagine the quiet and deadly Byakuya saying something like that.

Thanks for the icon, I love it. It makes me look smarter, all thanks to your creativity and feelings.

Glad to have friends like you.

I went to Boise for a wedding like a month ago. I went there when I was 4 and then came back and it was a lot bigger than I remember.

The best thing about Boise is that it's big, but not too big.. and it's spaced out really nicely.. to me it seems as if there are only a few sections to the city, there is the college/city section, the airport section and then the Entertainment section, and it's like a big triangle.

And your welcome for the icon! IT was difficult to colour but it was fun!

Yeah, Boise seemed big after I visited last months. The college section seems nice. I also went to some high school basketball games and it was fun to live those times again.

That is For The Win, because now I actually would pay to see that, Plus.. Prince of Tennis is cracky enough to do something like that O_O;;;

Random, but that icon is really adorable.

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