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So on the way to Boise, I was revealing to pimp_kitten one of my favorite games. To backtrack, I love Seiyuu.. or voice actors, and I've gotten very good at distinguishing japanese voices by inflection. So I revealed to Alexi that one of my favorite games is to take a Seiyuu song from a various series, and then picture a character voiced by the same seiyuu -but- of different temperment singing the song. At the time "Nisshouku no Kagiana" by Okiayu Ryoutaru came on. Now Okiayu Ryoutarou is known for Shigure (furuba), Tezuka (PoT) and Byakuya (Bleach). This song is very fast and upbeat, and I told him to picture Byakuya singing it. I nearly broke his brain seriously.

Then came the funny part. When he found out that Tezuka and Byakuya shared the same seiyuu. He was like (and I quote):

"Now I want to see a Tennis fight where Tezuka enters the Zone, and then he suddenly says 'Bankai...'."

Tezuka is the clearly the Shinigami of Tennis. And a tennis Bankai would be utterly hilarious. Bleach/Prince of Tennis Crossovers FOR THE WIN!

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