Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

First of all I'm rather pleased, I posted to the anime Addme community and I got one person. This rocks because you know.. quality over quanity, and I probably listed a few things that other people didn't like, (like my intolerance for homophobes -and- heterophobes). (which rules out a majority of the rabid het and yaoi fans). The only one that I had gotten as a friend was denglongfist and he's definitely a treasure. I give him thumbs up!

Also, watched the first episode of Patalliro (subbed by Aarinfantasy) and I promptly walked away from that encounter with 3 MILLION SCREENCAPS OF BANCORAN. And I am certainly itching to make an icon of the "Bishounen Killer" (He looks at pretty boys and they just sort of blank out because he's that much of a pimp). It was amusing I think, definitely 80s type humor. I can't wait to get to his boyfriend Mariachi... welp better watch more.

On an added note, Fumi Yoshinagi (mangaka of Antique Bakery) does it again with a yaoi manga this time. Gerad and Jacques. A historical (with plot omg) centering around just before and around the French Revolution. Of course no couple of hers will be as dear to be as Ono and Chikage.. but Gerad and Jacques are very cute as well and there have been enough twists and variables thrown in so that it's very interesting, I want the second volume.

Also, rasetsunyo.. I have a proposition for you involving my next userinfo picture. If you could email me at uzukistyle@yahoo.com I'd be happy to launch my proposition to you.

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