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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Now I know -why- you don't read the next volume of Saiyuki Reload RIGHT before you go to bed.

My dreams were so totally messed up, I mean I can't begin to fathom them, they were bloody and the one instance of sex that occured was so bloody and dark and overwhelmed with tragedy that it wasn't even hot. In the end everyone died, Gojyo, Hakkai.. it was like a bloody Quentin Tarentino movie and it boogles me. Well except for Gojyo and Hakkai's child which Hakkai managed to slip to someone heading out of the bloodbath. But yes, even their cat died.. damn it, images from that dream are still haunting me by flashing right into my mind's eye. But there was someone who had wanted Hakkai that had orchestrated everything, even Gojyo's death (but Gojyo did kill a few people before then).. and then once Hakkai found out who had been responsible, that is when ALOT of the blood bath occured.

Man, fucked up dreams.


On a second note, Saiyuki Reload was rather awesome. (I forget what volume I'm on, but it's the current one). Of course it's funny, but I'm at the point where I am quite certain that Gojyo and Hakkai are canon, of course I'm convinced of that anyway with the fact that Minekura has declared her favorite pairing to be Gojyo/Hakkai.. but how Gojyo was conducting himself over Hakkai's supposed dead body (definitely what inspired alot of those dreams), I refuse to believe those are the actions of someone who isn't in love with Hakkai... not to mention that when Hakkai went Youkai, all it seemed Gojyo could do was sit on the sidelines and call out Hakkai's name like Miaka did for Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi. There is alot of things that they are not admitting to each other still, but I can see that when faced with the prospect of losing Hakkai, Gojyo is borderline nuts. (he wasn't even that with Sanzo or Goku) and then when Hakkai wakes up he's like "What's wrong with your face" and you can't see Gojyo's eyes but you see him say, "Just.. fucking.. shut up." (like he'd been crying or something)

I will agree that Hakkai and Gojyo are not gay by nature (seriously couldn't see them with any other men.. but with plenty of women), but are they gay for each other? Absolutely.

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Gojyo and Hakkai are just like Tokitoh and Kubota from Wild Adapter. XD I'm guessing Minekura made her own fantasies come true in the form of another series altogether. :3

I also don't believe that she'll come out and say that Gojyo and Hakkai are gay for each other (because of the fact that it isn't even classified under shounen-ai.. Saiyuki that is) but I'm pretty sure she is going to completely skirt the line so that it can be tossed off by people who aren't a big fan of shounen-ai but for the people who want to believe that they are a couple, they have enough evidence to believe it.

Both Minekura and Kubo Tite are craft crafty individuals.

I'm glad you saw that... okay, I was really in love with the hints of their gayness for each other in this latest issue but you more or less know that. So good. ♥

Yes, in my opinion, they can't get more gay then Gojyo poised over Hakkai's prostrate body and weeping like a girl.

"even their cat died"...0_0 ouchies!

"seriously couldn't see them with any other men." I can see Gojyo humping every member of the group (but love-fucking only with Hakkai). And Hakkai I can see with Sanzo if I push it. But the "correct" pairings are Hakkai/Gojyo and Sanzo/Goku.

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