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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Sakura is not useless! (from Naruto).

I love her now and I have a Sakura muse. It took Shippuden for me to like her. But then I like Naruto now, I guess they just needed to grow up a little bit. I'm making a Sakura icon right now, she really is very cute. >.>

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While I do admit that Sasuke-crazy!Sakura was really quite irritating, I actually like her, especially after the time-skip.

Yeah and the fact that Sakura couldn't do anything in a fight, that really bugged me.

Oh, I had been working on a Sakura av, but never finished it~ -___-

I can't find any good pics of Shippuuden Sakura...

Well we were doing screencaps and I found one that just became icon number 113.. it was so cute, of her holding the little bell.

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I'm not too big on Sasunaru.. *I'm a Naruto/Hinata fan* and *Sakura/Ino is hot yes yes*

Well seeing her in action in the fight against Kakashi.. was just awesome.

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I was so happy when she went under Tsunade. |D Plus she looks cool fighting with gloves on.

Medical ninja was her calling. Seriously. I'm really surprised that silly Iruka didn't give her at least a hint that "Hey! You'd be good at this." But the Tsunade factor really helped too; considering her other abilities besides the medical. (Super strength, ftw!) I really need to start reading the Naruto manga again; I am SO BEHIND.

But, yeah, she's finally not useless. <3

And as far as SasuNaru goes, I enjoy it, but I also enjoy NaruHinata and NaruSakura (and maybe some SakuraIno, mwahaha, but I still don't like Ino very much.) I am usually open with the pairings, yep yep.

I've always liked her. Especially Shippuuden!Sakura because she kicks so much ass. ♥

Sakura kicks a whole lot of tail now; super-smart, super strong and medical jutsu ^_^ Just wait till you see her fight with Sasori. Naruto and Kakashi have a some stuff to show off later as well.

And let's not forget TenTen, Neji, Rock Lee & Gai =P hehe

People seem to forget that Sakura's supposed "uselessness" had a purpose. To show the vision of *normal* people when they're thrown in such situations.

Sakura, compared to Sasuke and Naruto, is just a normal child raised in a normal environment, with loving parents and friends (even including the deal with Ino), lacking the drama the other two have. OF COURSE she's gonna be "weaker" - she lacks experience and needs more time, compared to the others. But the moment she cut her long hair short to get free from Kin Tsuchi and actually *protect* the others when they needed her, and later how she fought Ino to leave clear how she was *her own person* - we see that she *can* learn to be stronger.

Pfffft. Sakura is my favorite character in all Naruto. And I really, really want Team Seven OT3. She so tops both Naruto and Sasuke. <3333333

Well I like strong females, but I'm of the opinion that they have to prove themselves to me first... not to mention that being a strong female for me doesn't entail doing things for the sake of 'a guy'. I've finally seen Sakura doing things for herself, I saw the beginnings of it with Tsunade (didn't watch through most of the fillers though, got bored). And that was the start of my intrique with her, but to see it at fruition in Shippuden is the best.

I found I like most of the child characters in Naruto once they grew up a little . . . they had clearer personalities besides story archetype fodder that contained more subtleties and made them more like 'real' people (as far as that was possible). They were at once more capable to handle new experiences as well as more likely to encounter new experiences and feelings.

The only one I could never like was Sasuke. While I typically like the distant prodigy super-realist-to-the-point-of-pessimism archetype (you remember how I played Sephiroth!), he just seemed so flat as a character, without any real nuances that distinguished him as his own character. By the time the manga got to this arc, and it was clear that Sasuke wasn't improving, I just gave up on a character that I already felt pretty cold to. I've stopped reading the manga since then (. . . it was going on and on and on, and I'm too lazy to watch an anime that I won't even download manga chapters of) since the focus of the story seemed rather bland to me.

I think this might be the reason why I actually latched on to Kakashi (who still remains my favourite, despite me quitting the manga early) and then later Shikamaru as well . . . both prodigy characters, but their personalities were so much more multi-faceted and interesting compared to Sasuke. They both have an 'every man' feel to them that makes them endearing.

I agree with you completely. They definitely were real, and Sasuke, well once again I don't mind the distant characters either (I love Kanda from D'greyman) but as you said, Sasuke definitely seems flat and unless he does some serious fauceting I probably won't ever like him.

I also thought she looked different in Shippuden, more mature.

And I kinda liked it.

Oh yes, me too.. definitely. Her maturity is definitely noted and made me totally fangirl her during the Shippuden episode.

<3 Sakura.

I'm one of the few who've liked her and Ino from the beginning. But yeah, she's infinitely times better post-time jump. Her upcoming fight is one of my favorites in the entire series. ^_^

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