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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I go into work today at 2.. because I close. (*insert fake hurrahs here*)

I had a conundrum involving which one, Hyuga or Citan that my latest icon involved.. and it was making it difficult to pick out lyrics for it. So I went back and sort of made it again. (It was a really great icon to begin with but it wasn't doing it for me and there wasn't enough 'stuff' done to it. So while I was making it, suddenly the song came on, "None of the Above" by Duran Duran which laced it into a Citan song in a way. So yes, problem solved.

The original and the current will be posted at soylent_icons

remade to

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I definitely like the remade version, though both icons are awesome.

Yes me too.. I just took the background I had set for it, laid it over the top, set it to saturation and voila.. it got a washed out but not quite sepia look.

Beautiful job!!! I also like the new version best... although they're both great! =D

Nice effect! They both look terrific.

I like better the remade. It looks fantastic.

The other one looks great too.

You are awesome as always

Aww thank you.. well if you ever want a Xenogears icon.. just link me to the picture and I'll make it for you!

I might just do that, if you don't mind. I just upgraded my account and have 11 more icon spots.

If you have time, let me look for a Xenogears picture (or can it be Xenosaga?)

Thanks a lot,

You're the best

Oh it can be anything really.. I can do it all. I enjoy doing icons but since I have like 137 icon slots (and like 24 more free spaces to go until they are all filled) I need to do icons for other people sometimes.

I can also do black and white manga pictures as well. (eventually I'm going to colour that black and white of Citan from perfect works and then iconify it.. I don't know when though)

Just tell me a character you want and I'll do it.

Let me think, I want someone spectacular.

You have to show me that icon you'll make from Perfect Works

That's perfect, you should go ahead and do it.

I'll have to find another of your interest to do an icon for you.

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