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Okay, it's about time for me to go to bed.

However -finally- started watching Naruto: Shippuden (under intense pressure from pimp_kitten and Dimitri. And my verdict is.. it's not that bad. Naruto isn't -as- annoying to me anymore, Sasuke's gay pirate outfit makes me lawl. And Kakashi, well listening to Inoue Kazuhiko's voice always makes me wibble mercilessly (I love how he's in Romeo x Juliet as William). But yes, Shippuden actually seems interesting. It'll be on the backburner to other animes (like d.greyman, Saiunkoku, Nana, Bleach & Code Geass.).

Thank you von_questenberg for pointing me toward the Reishin/Kijin fanlisting, mental note to join it. The world needs more Saiunkoku love, that's for sure. (It's hard to know which Saiunkoku guy is my favorite, I'd have to say it's Seiran. There is defintiely something about Seiran that just -clicks- with me on a muse-level.)

In D.greyman, I have decided that General Cross is awesomely awesome. (I think that I could definitely support the duo of eccentricity pairing that is Komui/Cross... come on, they are both whack jobs!)

And in Bleach, there is no doubt that Aizen is the pimp-daddy. As I said, Aizen is the supah-seme. Man.. woman.. no one is safe (but that's usually how it is with Hayami Sho's characters.. he is the dominating force in EVERYTHING). Alexi was like "Wow I like how his coat has pockets" and I was like "Better to keep the lube in". (because he needs to have it ready for his harem.. srsly.

I made two icons today. One is a serious Komui icon, the other is Hisui (from Wish). I am amazed at how the song "God" by Tori Amos just seems to fit Hisui. (but then that song is my favorite Tori song RIGHT after "Wednesday".) The Komui icon was inspired by the song "Somnias Memorias" and especially with the next arc that the anime is branching onto, I think it fits.

That was a total random entry by myself. And just to show off I suppose.


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