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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
The best thing is plotting out myself and shuufish's novel writing career. Because we've already decided how we are going to do things. At the end of our books we are going to have a pairing appendix as well as a regular appendix, which sort of state the pairings that we as the authors approve. And we're going to write little notes at the back of the book, because both Mish and I are going to poke around and see what the fans are doing for our novels, and we're going to give commentary to that extent.

And then we are going to have a website where we answer all of fangirl's questions about our novels.. like which underwear Magus or Gunnar prefer. Or who tops (Magus as a girl tops EVERY TIME.) We could potentially break alot of fangirl's brains, we do realize that.. we are up to the challenge. *heh's*

But seriously we are going to make our pairing preferences clear... but we won't mind fanworks involving pairings outside of the particular framework, just as long as they don't go declaring it canon. (It may break my brain but if someone writes Magus/Aidan, I'd read it.. and probably sporfle the entire time)

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What would it take to make me laugh? Well writing Shay with any male. Can we say uber lesbian And for further brain breakage, wrap your mind around Aidan/Shay.

Aidan/Shay.. oh my god how that hurts so much.

It hurts more if you tell the muse in question</strike>

I can see that Shay didn't react well.. I know Aidan is like, "sleeping with Shay would probably make a guy gay on principal.."

Okay...that comment wins with Shay.. which is why she and Aidan would so be better suited as friends in a rough way. Friends that insult and cock block the other.


Poor Aidan doesn't get much in the way of girls after meeting Shay.

Shay says she's going to write a book called "Cockblocking Aidan for fun and profit" and insists that Aidan stick to his shota-bait.

Yes, by all intents and purposes, a 29 year old needlessly pestering a 16 year old.. that's definitely skirting the April/Late August

I just have to say that Mathin is delightfully confused.

Okay April and Late July because Aidan insist he's still young.

Alright.. we can let Aidan have his way.

(Deleted comment)
Look for our novels.. whenever they come out! *wink* *well we are doing RPs that is essentially laying the groundwork for future novels*

(Deleted comment)
You know, I don't know.. I think that we'd say that we were each individually the creative mastermind behind certain characters. (I with Magus and Mish with Gunnar.. but as for RPing, I think we'll leave it a question mark)

I'd buy those novels!

(If you promise to buy mine, ahem. *ignores the fact that she's a pretty vague writer*)

Of course I'll buy yours!


Can I be one of your main followers? I'll be a good fangirl. (Too bad I can't draw very well. *would promise pretty pictures like the commentor below her*)

I will buy every novel you publish. I will probably beg to illustrate them as well. At the very least, you will have me as a fanartist in your fandom, whenever that fandom begins. *naughty!snuggles Kakei*

ooh you will make fanart.. that so rocks! *tackles the Saiga!inaschoolgirloutfit* We need to get our following before we hit it big, and I look forward to hot yummy fanarts!

LOL, you'd never guess I'm an artist because I never post anything. I blame having no talent with computer-art and having a crappy scanner.

Two things:

One- My author friend and I are doing something similar. Especially since we have a lot of pairings that cross between stories. And we look forward to mocking fangirls.

Two- Reading the comments to this entry, I saw the name 'Shay.' He's one of my main characters. I think I almost had a heartattack.

Oh well this Shay is a girl.. a short little half elf redhead. I also have a character named Schae in the stories. It'll be fun to see people get those two mixed-up all the time.

XD Oh, I know but if I see the name suddenly, I instantly think of my character and have this "OMG" moment.

It is fun to think of those things, though ^^ I always wonder if people will pick up the more subtle references will throw in about each other.

I know, the creation process is good like that.. authoring a book will be hard work I know but it'll be fun, it'll be like Mish and I's little brain child.

It's sort of like I wonder what Clamp thinks when other people read their works.

(Deleted comment)
Well my co-author is already my dream come true.. *coughs* Of course she's also my Shunsui among other things. <3<3<3 Every Ukitake needs a Shunsui co-conspirator.

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